America’s Victory In The Revolutionary War Was Made More Probable For The Following Four Factors:


America’s Victory In The Revolutionary War Was Made More Probable For The Following Four Factors:

Here in the following, we have discussed the four primary factors, which were responsible to make America’s victory in the Revolutionary War more certain.

So, the four factors are:

  1. The large landmass of America (13 colonies).
  2. The participation of the French Empire and other external powers (such as Spain and the Netherlands).
  3. Great leaders and their leadership (George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, etc).
  4. The distance between Great Britain and America’s mainland.

Now, let’s make a short discussion over these four factors, one by one.

America's Victory In The Revolutionary War Was Made More Probable For The Following Four Factors

1. Massive Landmass of America (13 Colonies)

The total landmass of the United States of America (previously the 13 colonies) is more than 9 million square kilometers (Previously it was less but it was in millions).

Due to the war spreading in this massive region, it was almost impossible for the British authority and soldiers to stop the American rebels.

Especially, the British authority faced difficulties in military operations, reinforcement, finding exact locations of revolutionaries, getting food and other necessary supplies.

Revolutionaries attacked the Britishers from various parts and immediately used to get hidden, where English soldiers could not even find them out.

Due to this massive landmass, the rebels enjoyed a lot of help, which later benefited them as the victory in the war and achieving independence.

[Interesting Fact: During The Revolutionary War, Sometimes British Used To Won Battles, But Due To The Lack of Reinforcements And Other Necessary Supplies, They Had To Leave Occupied Areas. For Example, A Similar Thing Happened After The Battle of Bunker Hill]


2. Participation of The French Empire And Other External Powers

The American patriots would probably lose the Revolutionary War if great European powers like the French Empire did not provide military support to them.

Although, Spain and the Netherlands also provided support to the patriots by providing gunpowder, arms, and other necessary supplies; but it was quite less compared to the French participation.

During wartime, Great Britain was the most powerful country in the world (In the case of military and economy).

Defeating them alone was near to impossible for the revolutionaries.

Hence, the Second Continental Congress appointed diplomats and sent them to France for asking help from King Louis XVI.

On February 6th, 1778 France formally entered the war and recognized the United States of America as a separate nation from Great Britain.

After this entrance of the French forces, the stand of war completely changed and America’s weight became heavy over Britishers.

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? France’s Entry Into The American Revolutionary War Was The Result of Their Defeat In The Seven Years’ War (1756-1763). After The Defeat, They Always Wanted To Take Revenge On Great Britain; Hence, When The Revolutionary War Broke Out, They Involved In It From The American Revolutionaries’ Side]

America's Victory In The Revolutionary War Was Made More Probable For The Following Four Factors, american revolutionary leaders, Benjamin Franklin, thomas jefferson, george washington

3. Great Leader And Leadership

  • George Washington (Commander-In-Chief)
  • Benjamin Franklin (Diplomat who went to France)
  • Thomas Jefferson (Drafter of the Declaration of Independence)
  • John Adams 
  • Patrick Henry
  • Alexander Hamilton
  • And more.

I think we all know these great leaders and they need no reorganization.

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? Benjamin Franklin Was So Patriotic That He Even Waived His Son William Franklin For Talking British Side During The Revolutionary War. William Franklin Was Later Exiled To England In 1782]


4. The Distance Between Great Britain And America’s Mainland

Another major reason for the victory of American rebels is the geographical distance between Britain and America.

Obviously, we know that Britain is in Europe and the 13 colonies (or the USA) were in the continent of North America.

The distance is around 6830.07 km.

Due to this long-distance, Britain faced many difficulties in that war; such as in the case of communication, military and other necessary supplies, etc.

It benefited patriots to stand more and more strongly against them.



American Revolutionary War is an inspiration to the people around the world who believe in democracy.

Still many countries throughout the globe are fighting for their rights take this great story as an inspiration.

I hope now your doubt is clear on which four primary factors made more probable America’s victory in the Revolutionary War.

Regarding this, if you still have any other questions, then please write them in the comment section below.

I will try my best to assist you.


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