AOIME Or The American Online Invitational Mathematical Exam


What Does AOIME Stand For?

AOIME stands for the American Online Invitational Mathematical Exam.

This is a mathematics competition, organized in the United States of America.

It is an annual competition, organized each year.

In the year 2020, the competition was held on June 6th Saturday.

AOIME, American Online Invitational Mathematical Exam

Who Organize The AOIME Competition?

AOIME itself has its own administration.

But in 2020, two organizations, AoPS or Art of Problem Solving and AMC or The American Mathematics Competitions co-operated for providing their support to the AOIME administration.


Who Can Participate In The American Online Invitational Mathematical Exam?

In two ways, math enthusiasts can participate in the exam. One way is official and another is unofficial.

In the official way, the participants who already attend AIME I or American Invitational Mathematics Examination can qualify for this online competition.

The enthusiasts, who are willing to participate unofficially can compete after the official program.

Any student can try to solve the same math problems in the unofficial contest.

If any student wants to participate unofficially, can follow this link for online registration.

AOIME, math competetion in usa

Which Are The Competition Rules Contestants Needs To Keep In Mind?  

This is a three-hour-long examination that contains fifteen mathematic questions.

Each question carries one mark.

For the right answer, the contestant receives one mark and for the wrong answer, zero.

Except for the computer, contestants are not allowed to use any electronic device (such as a smartphone, digital watches, etc) during the examination procedure.

However, they can use some necessary tools like pencils, steel rules, scratch paper, and erasers.

American Online Invitational Mathematical Exam

Is There Any Other Competition That Participants Compete After The AOIME Exam?

Yes, the students who score well in the AOIME exam, can participate in the USOMO or United States Online Mathematical Olympiad and USOJMO or the United States Online Junior Mathematical Olympiad.

In 2020, the USOJMO was held on June 19th-20th.

Based on the AIME I and AOIME scores, the United States of America Mathematical Olympiad committee and MAA AMC determine cutoff marks.


Our Wish: Best of luck to all the students, who are studying hard for this wonderful mathematics competition.


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