The Result of The First Continental Congress

What was the output that came out as a result of the First Continental Congress of 1774?


  • The initial formation of the United States of America.
  • Economic sanctions over British goods.
  • Growth of unitary feeling among 13 colonies.

In the below, we have tried dividing and discussing the results of the meeting.

So, the first one was…

As A Result of The First Continental Congress

The Initial Formation of The United States of America

Before the First Continental Congress, all the thirteen colonies were known only as part of the British Empire; but not as the United States of America.

Nor, they got united like that before with a similar motive.

From the month of September 5th to October 26th, 1774; for the first time, via the Continental Congress, twelve of the thirteen British American colonies united for a similar purpose and they became the United States.

However, Georgia State didn’t participate in the meeting. They came together the next year in 1775 while the Second Continental Congress organized.

We can say, the initial formation of the United States of America was the first result of this congress.


Boycott of British Goods

The main intention of the First Continental Congress was to force the British government to repeal the ‘Intolerable Acts‘ of 1774.

Even, Congress’ delegates tried to make a discussion with the British authority over the issue. But it made no benefit to them.

Hence, in response to the Intolerable Acts, in the Continental meeting, they decided to impose an economic boycott over the British trade and boycott their goods.

The boycott came into effect from December 1st, 1774.

Till 1775, that economic boycott significantly reduced British import to the colonies to 97 percent.

Britain came to a doubt seeing this strict attitude of the colonialists.

As a result on April 19, 1775, with the battles of Lexington and Concord, the Revolutionary War of America’s independence had fully begun.


Growth of Unitary Feeling Among 13 Colonies

Before the congress, people of the colonies didn’t have any proper unitary feeling among themselves.

Most of them considered themselves British citizens. Even, they were quite happy with that feeling.

But when once the British started cheating on them, they became able to realize that they were not Britishers; but they have a different identity.

And that identity was none other but Americans.

The First Continental Congress helped the people of the 13 colonies to understand better that they were one.

And if they want to protect their rights of being Americans, they needed to be free from British rule.


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