As A Result of The Religious Freedom Created By The Revolution


As A Result of The Religious Freedom Created By The Revolution

As a result of the religious freedom created by the revolution, the newly formed United States government decided to eliminate:

  • Giving voting power only to a particular religion.
  • Forceful religious alteration.
  • Government funding for Christian Churches.

Did you know? Before American Revolution, there was an anti-Catholic sentiment going on among the Protestant people of the 13 colonies.  

However, the feeling was degraded as the Empire of France joined the Revolutionary War from the Americans’ side in 1778.

Their feeling changed because France was predominantly a Catholic nation.

As A Result of The Religious Freedom Created By The Revolution

Was This Religious Freedom Similar For Native Americans?

Although, it is said that the American Revolution established equality among all the people of the 13 colonies; but, in the case of Native Americans, we see a completely different picture.

Its primary reason was, Natives were not Christians.

Instead of Christianity, they followed Monotheistic, Pantheistic, Henotheistic, Animistic, Polytheistic, and Shamanistic ideologies.

For this reason, European-origin American Christians began religious persecutions over these people.

The United States government launched many policies to end their traditional religious beliefs; even sometimes, used violence as a tool for alteration.

For example, in 1890, the US government violently eradicated the Natives Ghost dance tradition.   

Another example was that the US government forcefully removed Native children from their parents and brought them into Christian schools, where they were taught Christian beliefs.  

These persecutions had been running till 1978.


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