On What, Colonies Agreed Over Massachusetts At The First Continental Congress?

At the First Continental Congress, the colonies agreed that along with Massachusetts, all of them should start boycotting British commercial goods’ imports from their markets.

Congress urged all the participants (12 colonies) to keep that boycott continue until the British Parliament repeals the 5 Intolerable Acts.

This economic boycott came into effect on December 1st, 1774.

Even, to make this boycott successful, they formed their own associations to produce various goods for the colonies.

In this initiative, North Carolina took an important role. Around 51 women in this colony formed this manufacturing association.

Along with this significant decision, they also decided to set up their own militia groups and collect armaments for probable armed confrontations with British Royal forces.

Important: Massachusetts Didn’t Take All The Decisions Alone, All The Colonies Collectively Took The Decisions To Counter The English Authority’s Autocracy.

At The First Continental Congress The Colonies Agreed That Massachusetts Should Start Doing What

Why First Continental Congress Had To Take This Important Decision?

The story began in 1773 on 16th December.

On December 16th, 1773; in response to the Tea Act of 1773, some patriots from the ‘Sons of Liberty’ organization successfully executed the Boston Tea Party incident at Boston Harbor, Massachusetts.

This incident was a like major challenge to the authority of Great Britain over the 13 colonies.

This tea party caused huge economic losses to the British East India Company; indirectly to the English government.

Therefore, they felt its necessary to punish the colonists very hard.

In response to the colonists’ rebellious incident, in the following year 1774, the British Parliament decided to impose some Coercive Acts on the 13 colonies.

Those Coercive Acts were highly vengeful to the colonist’s interests; the laws mostly targeted the Bostonians, Massachusetts province.

Especially, they intended to do this via the Boston Port Act, Administration of Justice Act, and Massachusetts Government Act.

Due to the laws’ retaliatory character, colonists named them ‘Intolerable Acts’.

Here, a total of 5 acts included.

They were:

  • Boston Port Act (Read here)
  • Massachusetts Government Act (Read here)
  • Administration of Justice Act (Read here)
  • Quartering Act
  • Quebec Act

Colonists realized the laws vengeful characters. For colonists, it was very necessary to counter them under any circumstances.

Therefore, as a response to these vengeful decisions of the British authority, 12 of the 13 American colonies first time came together in Philadelphia at a meeting.

In the history of America, the meeting is popular as the ‘First Continental Congress’ of 1774.

Here, the colonies collectively agreed, because the British Parliament and King George III is becoming so hostile towards colonists; colonists should also be hostile towards the British authorities.

As a result, they decided to impose a heavy economic boycott against British economic goods’ import.

Guess what?

The economic boycott significantly reduced British goods’ import to the colonies by 97 percent till the end of 1775.

Even, going one step further, colonists threatened British authority that they would also completely cease the exports from September 10th, 1775; if they wouldn’t repeal the five bad laws. 

At The First Continental Congress The Colonies Agreed That Massachusetts Should Start Doing What, carpenters' hall
Carpenters’ Hall

But Why Britain Was So Hostile Towards Massachusetts? 

Massachusetts province was the main center and the earliest podium of the American Revolution.

Some of the most important events such as the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, all the incident happened at this place.

These incidents gave the colonists a feeling of hatred towards British rule and encouraged them to achieve independence.

Especially, after the Boston Tea Party, unrest started being out of control of the British authorities.

Due to these reasons, it was necessary for the British government to contain it somehow.

They knew, if the unrest gets spare to the other parts of the colonies then it would become difficult for them to calm it down again.

These were the main reason, why the British did such hostile actions towards the colonists of Massachusetts via imposing punitive laws.


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