On What Colonies Agreed Over Massachusetts At The First Congress?

At the First Continental Congress, the colonies agreed that Massachusetts should start doing boycott against British economic goods’ import.

On December 16th, 1773, some patriots from the ‘Sons of Liberty’ successfully placed the Boston Tea Party incident.

This incident made huge economic losses to the British East India Company; indirectly to the English authority.

At The First Continental Congress The Colonies Agreed That Massachusetts Should Start Doing What

In response to their rebellious incident, following the year 1774, the British Parliament decided to impose some Coercive Acts on the colonists’ heads.

Those acts were vengeful, mostly targeted to the Bostonians, Massachusetts province.

Colonists named them ‘Intolerable Acts’. Here, a total of 5 acts included.

Those laws were highly vengeful to the American colonists’; especially, foe to the Bostonians.

Therefore, as a response to these acts of the British authority, 12 of the 13 American colonies got united in Philadelphia at a meeting.

In the history of America, the meeting is popular as the ‘First Continental Congress’ 1774.

Here the colonies collectively agreed, because the British government is becoming so harsh towards Massachusetts, Massachusetts must also be harsh towards the British government.

As a result, they decided to impose a heavy economic boycott against British economic goods.

Guess what?

The economic boycott significantly reduced British goods’ import to the Colonies by 97 percent by the end of 1775.


But Why Britain Was So Hostile Towards Massachusetts? 

The main reason for this was the province of Massachusetts was the main center for the American Revolution.

Some of the most important events such as the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, all took place at this place.

These incidents gave the colonists a feeling of hatred towards British rule.

The incident Boston Tea Party also happen at this same place before the British parliament imposing the 5 Intolerable Acts on the 13 colonies.

Therefore, they were very hostile towards the Massachusetts province. 


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