Basic Thanksgiving Dinner Menu: 5 OMG Dishes


Basic Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Thanksgiving day is incomplete without its greedy and tasty dinner.

Traditionally the dinner contains a lot of items, and with the flow of time, different modern dishes are also being added to the menu.

However, in this post, we will explore only its main traditional items. We hope, this will help you to make your move.

So, here is the menu of 5 food items for a basic Thanksgiving dinner.

Basic Thanksgiving Dinner Menu, roasted turkey, food,
Image: Roasted Turkey

5 Basic Food Items For Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

1. Roasted Turkey

The way Thanksgiving day is incomplete without its amazing dinner, similarly the dinner is incomplete without a roasted turkey.

Nobody actually knows, when, why, and how people started having turkey on Thanksgiving dinner; but nowadays, it has become the main symbol of its dinner menu.


2. Stuffing Turkey

This dish is prepared by putting a lot of stuff inside a dressed turkey.

The stuff could contain onion, garlic, butter, lemon, bread, potatoes, oil, spices, different types of vegetables, etc.

Different people make this dish by using different stuffing items. It depends upon skill and creativity. 

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu, pumpkin pie
Image: Pumpkin Pie

3. Pumpkin Pie

Again the menu is incomplete without a traditional Pumpkin Pie; it is one of the main dishes of the Thanksgiving dinner.

It is said that early in the new world, Native Americans cultivated Pumpkin and Squash. They taught European settlers the different uses of Pumpkins.

Although they didn’t eat Pumpkin Pie on the first Thanksgiving dinner, almost 50 years later, they started serving the dish as one of its prime dishes. 


4. Veg & Non-Veg Gravy

Gravy is also an important item. Early, when they cooked turkey, chicken, duck, and other meat items using water, it created juice and they used it as gravy.

Still, people use the delicious gravy to give extra flavor to another dish, which is mashed potatoes.

However, we Americans also use vegetables to make gravy for vegetarians.

Cranberry Sauce for thanksgiving dinner
Image: Cranberry Sauce

5. Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce is an easy dish for Thanksgiving dinner. The dish originated from Native American cuisine.

In the 17th century, such Indian tribes mainly the Wampanoag used it to add some tartness to other dishes.

However, nowadays, it has become an important item on the Thanksgiving menu.


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