Battles of Lexington And Concord Date (You May Wrong)


Battles of Lexington And Concord Date

The battles of Lexington and Concord were a one-day military conflict between the American militias and British Red Coats that took place on the date of 19th April 1775. The day was Wednesday. The fighting lasted only for a day. Here American militias achieved strategic victory over the British Red Coats (Or English army).

The strategic victory means the British Red Coats failed in their intention of destroying the arms cache, capturing rebel leaders (Samuel Adams, John Hancock), and faced higher casualties than Americans, and finally, had to arrive back in Boston shamefully.

Although the battles were only named after Lexington and Concord, the British and patriots fought in a total of five places in the North American colony of Massachusetts. Those places were Lexington, Concord, Cambridge, Lincoln town, and Menotomy.

Next, let’s see why this conflict is so important from a historical point of view.

Why Were The Battles of Lexington And Concord So Important?

Obviously, this was the very first military conflict between American colonists (militias) and British soldiers at the outset of the Revolutionary War. This armed conflict fully kicked off the revolutionary war of the 13 colonies’ independence.

After this incident, all other attempts failed to make discussion and negotiation between British authority and colonists.

Although, in the end, colonists tried from their side for peace negotiation. However, due to the arrogance of the English Parliament and King George III, all their attempts transformed into dust.

As a result, on July 4th, 1776, colonists were obliged to declare independence from the Empire of Great Britain.

Interesting Fact: As The Last Attempt For Peace Negotiation, On July 5th, 1775, Leaders Like John Dickinson, John Jay Sent The Olive Branch Petition To The British King George III. But His Arrogance Was So Intense That He Refused To Accept, Even Read It. Contrary, He Declared Them Traitors.

Battles of Lexington And Concord Date

What Was The Britishers Intention of Starting This Conflict?

The British came to know through their secret sources that the American rebels were storing a large number of armaments in Lexington and Concord to use against British forces.

Their intention of marching towards Lexington and Concord was to destroy the weapons somehow and arrest the rebels without bloodshed. Especially, they wanted to arrest rebel leaders like John Adams and John Hancock.

But all their intention failed due to the midnight ride of Paul Revere and his other associate patriots. In the midnight ride, they already alerted the American militias that the British were coming.

Knowing that earlier, patriots relocated all the weapons from the places and got ready for the inevitable conflict.

This was the main reason why the British failed in their intention. And also, they had to face two times more casualties than the American patriots did. 


But Why The Battles Happened On 19th April 1775?

After the First Continental Congress, the relationship between Great Britain and American colonists went to an all-time lowest point.

During the meeting of the First Continental Congress, the delegates of the colonies decided that they would set up their own militias and armaments for inevitable conflicts.

As an act of execution of this decision, patriots started gathering arms and men. Till April month of 1775, they succeeded in gathering a lot of weapons, men, and other pieces of stuff in the 13 colonies’ different places.

Two of them were Lexington and Concord. But somehow, the British authority in Boston came to know about the rebels’ movement.

As a result, on 18th April 1775, 700 English troops marched from Boston toward Lexington and Concord to neutralize the movement.

Finally, on 19th April 1775, the battles broke out.


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