Bennington Battle Day Parade 2022


Bennington Battle Day Parade 2022

Yes, of course, you can come to Bennington downtown to enjoy the Bennington Battle Day parade this year, 2022 on the 16th of August.

It often starts after 12 pm.

It’s amazing to watch the parade with too many musical instruments and colorful dresses. Every year there are too many groups participating in the parade program.

Actually, the whole parade is organized to remember the glorious history of Bennington’s battle and to show the audience what happened during the Revolutionary War event.

Bennington Battle Day Parade 2022
Bennington Battle Day Parade 2022

What Happened In The Battle of Bennington?

The battle was one of the earliest military conflicts of the American Revolutionary War. The event took place on the 16th of August 1777.

The conflict zone was Bennington, Vermont.

Although, rebels were in a weaker position in the early stage; but in the battle, they successfully defeated British forces and caused around 13 times more casualties among them.

This success significantly boosted American rebels’ morale to fight against Red Coats.

At the same time, it also encouraged external powers like France to enter the war for supporting Americans against Great Britain.


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