Compare The Effects of The Development of Colonial Society In The Various Regions of North America

Here we will compare the good and bad effects of the development of colonial society in the various regions of North America.


  1. European immigration caused a demographic change in North America.
  2. In the new continent, Colonial society brought slavery system.
  3. Population reduction of natives.
  4. It caused massive changes in the economic life of the continent.
  5. Colonial society influenced its traditional warfare techniques.
  6. European society also brought many new diseases here. Example: Smallpox.
  7. Expansion of new religion, mainly Christianism.
  8. The massive change in the old political system.

Compare The Effects of The Development of Colonial Society In The Various Regions of North America

The European Immigration Caused Demographic Change In North America

From the year 1500, Europeans started migrating to this new continent.

The main countries among these were Spain, France, and Great Britain.

With the hope of getting a better life, these people kept migrating to the new world.

It, first of all, caused population growth in the new continent. Secondly, due to the arrival of a new human race, the population here started becoming mixed.

But why?

Its main reason was the native people and the Europeans belonged to two different human races.


In The New Continent, Colonial Society Brought Slavery

European society brought the slavery system to the continent of North America, which never existed before they came here.

They began the slave trade here through the Atlantic Ocean.

Mostly, they brought these black slaves from the African countries.

The Natives were also not getting relief from their atrocities because they captured them for the same purpose.

Even, little kids and girls got highly victimized.


Population Reduction of Native Americans

Many times, Native people tried rebellion against Europeans’ tyrannies.

But due to the lack of war skill and diplomacy, they failed to execute it properly.

During these conflicts, many European tyrants executed mass massacres on the Natives.

Not only that but also many times, they committed collective suicide to get rid out of these atrocities.

Various studies show that during these massacres, more than 8 million native people lost their lives.

Of course, these massacres are mainly responsible for the reduction of their population.


It Caused Massive Changes In The Economic Life of The Continent

Before the immigration of the European people, the natives who lived here were not familiar with things like business, trade, profit, etc, nor did they need them all.

Their financial life was very simple. If needed, sometimes they managed it via the Barter system.

But immigrants changed this system. In the economic life here, they introduced profit, loss, business, trade, etc stuff.


Colonial Society Influenced Its Traditional Warfare Techniques

In the traditional warfare techniques, people in North America used sticks, spears, bows, and horses.

But colonial society influenced it with their highly developed modern weaponry techniques; such as using guns, gunpowder, and canon, etc.


European Society Also Brought Many New Diseases

To this day, many such terrible diseases have spread in the world, for which Europe is responsible.

Even on this new continent, Europeans have spread many such terrible microbes, which have killed millions of its native people.

One of those diseases was Smallpox.

In today’s time, Smallpox may not be a very serious disease; but at that time, it was an epidemic.

Native Americans had no immunity to fight with it. As result, it caused death in millions.


Expansion of New Religion, Mainly Christianism

Before the establishment of European society, religious beliefs such as Christianism, Buddhism, Islamism, Hinduism, and Judaism had no influence in North America.

As a religious belief locals mainly followed here Animism.

But once immigration started, immigrants brought here different religious beliefs; mostly Christianism.


Massive Change In Old Political System

The political power transferred from Natives to the hands of European imperialists hands.


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