Date of The Intolerable Acts :(One-By-One)


Date of The Intolerable Acts

The dates and months of the 5 Intolerable Acts were different from each other.

The Intolerable Acts were a series of different laws, and hence, they were passed on different dates and months.

Quick Answer:

  • Boston Port Act (March 31st, 1774)
  • Massachusetts Government Act (May 20th, 1774)
  • Administration of Justice Act (May 20th, 1774)
  • Quartering Act (June 2nd, 1774)
  • Quebec Act (June 22nd, 1774)

The British Parliament passed them all to punish colonists for the guilt of the Boston Tea Party. Mostly, the acts targeted the province of Massachusetts.

In Great Britain, those were referred to as Coercive Acts. They passed all these Acts in 1774.

Their passing dates and months were like this:

1. The first Intolerable act was the Boston Port Act – Passed on 31st March 1774.

2. The second was the Massachusetts Government Act – Passed on 20th May 1774.

3. The third was the Administration of Justice Act – Passed on 20th May 1774.

4. The fourth was the Quartering Act – British Parliament renewed this law on 2nd June 1774. Because in 1765, they already passed a Quartering Act.

5. The fifth was the Quebec Act – it received royal assent on 22nd June 1774.

Date of The Intolerable Acts

When Did The Intolerable Acts Come To An End?

The way, they passed the laws on different dates and months; similarly, they came to an end on different years, dates, and months.

So, here are the dates of the acts’ revocation:

1. The Boston Port Act: The first Intolerable act was the Boston Port Act, repealed in 1783 via the Parliamentary Act.

2. The Massachusetts Government Act: This was repealed in 1778 by the Parliament of Great Britain.

In 1778, The British started realizing that they would soon lose the 13 colonies. For this reason, to attract revolutionary leaders to the table for peace negotiation, they repealed this act. However, it benefited them nothing.

3. Administration of Justice Act: Infamous as the Murdering Act, this bad law was repealed in 1871 by the Statute Law Revision Act.

4. Quartering Act (1774): Not known.

5. Quebec Act: The Quebec Act was repealed in 1791 by the Constitutional Act of 1791.

When Did The Intolerable Acts Come To An End
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How The Acts Were Intolerable To The Colonists?

The British Parliament passed the 5 Intolerable Acts to punish American colonists for the Boston Tea Party. Of course, the Parliament of Britain did not define it with this name. They named the series ‘Coercive Acts’.

Because of their vengeful nature towards colonists, they named them Intolerable Acts. Among those five, the most dangerous was the Administration of Justice Act.

The Administration of Justice Act indirectly permitted English administrative personnel to commit crimes against colonists and run away.

On the other hand, via the Quartering Act, Britain forced colonists to provide shelter to the English soldiers in their private homes.

Similarly, via the ‘Quebec Act,’ they tried to reduce the land areas of the 13 colonies.


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