What The Declaration of Independence Intended To Grant Colonies’ Citizens?

The Declaration of Independence intended to end colonial British rule in the 13 colonies and grant American citizens the ‘Right of Self-Government’ or ‘Independence from Great Britain’.

This self-government would be fully democratic, where the British Empire would cause no intervention. 

The declaration’s grant intended to allow American colonists’ to choose their own leaders among themselves and create a new government.

This new government would be created in such a way, that it remains always responsible for protecting and developing the American people’s natural rights in a much better way than Britain.

Those natural rights explained by the declaration were Life, Liberty, Equality, and the Pursuit of happiness.

The Declaration of Independence intended to end British rule in the colonies and grant citizens
So, What The Declaration Wanted To Grant American People?

The main purpose of making this decision by Americans was that they become very dissatisfied with Great Britain’s colonial rule.

But why and how?

Because at various times English authority had been bringing such rules, completely contrary to the interests of the American people.

Mainly, taxation acts made them very dissatisfied.

The British Empire was imposing these laws on the colonists’ heads unfairly.

Those acts were mainly the Stamp Act, Townshend Acts, Tea Act, Coercive Acts or Intolerable Acts, etc.  

Because of these reasons, they intended to overthrow the British ruling from the 13 colonies and became an independent country.

In the year 1776, they decided to create their own ruling in the 13 Colonies via the Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration was ratified by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.

Therefore every year the United States of America celebrates 4 July day as its independence day.

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