The Declaration of Independence Intended To End British Rule In The Colonies And Grant Citizens


What The Declaration of Independence Intended To Grant Colonies’ Citizens?

The Declaration of Independence intended to end British colonial rule in the 13 North American colonies and grant American citizens the Right of Self-Government and Political independence from the rule of Great Britain.

As per the great historical document, this new self-government system would be fully democratic, where the empire of Great Britain would cause no intervention. 

The Declaration also intended to allow American colonists to choose their own leaders among themselves, create a new government, and form an entirely new nation, separate from their mother country, Great Britain.

As you can guess, the new nation that we are talking about here is the United States of America.

This new nation’s newly formed government would be created in such a way that it always remains responsible for protecting and developing the American people’s natural rights in a much better way than ever before.

Of course, those natural rights explained by the Declaration were Life, Liberty, Equality, and the protection of the ways to pursue Happiness.

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The Declaration of Independence intended to end British rule in the colonies and grant citizens
So, What The Declaration Wanted To Grant American People?

But Why Was The Declaration Intended To End British Rule And Grant Its Citizens Political Independence?

The Declaration of Independence granted American people the right to self-government because they became pretty unhappy with the autocratic rule of Great Britain in the 13 colonies.

But why and how colonists became dissatisfied with British rule?

Primarily, at different times, the Parliament and the King of Great Britain had been bringing such rules & regulations entirely against the interests of the American people.

Mainly, taxation acts made them angry. The British government was imposing those laws on the colonists unfairly.

Some of those acts were mainly the Sugar Act (1764), Stamp Act (1765), Townshend Acts (1767), Tea Act (1773), Coercive Acts or Intolerable Acts (1774), etc.  

Because of these reasons, they got sick and intended to overthrow the British rule from the 13 colonies and become an independent country.

In 1776, they decided to establish their own rule in the 13 Colonies via the Declaration of Independence.

The Second Continental Congress ratified the Declaration on July 4, 1776.

Therefore, every year the United States of America celebrates 4 July day as its independence day.

Second Continental Congress while accepting the declaration of independence
Congress While Accepting Declaration

Did The Declaration End British Rule From The 13 Colonies?

No, it didn’t end British rule from the colonies, but it created a road map for achieving independence.

Actually, the Declaration of Independence was a document through which the 13 colonies declared independence from the rule of Britain, but in the actual case, it didn’t directly lead them to freedom.

For achieving genuine independence, colonists had to involve in many armed confrontations against British royal forces.

Colonists enjoyed the real taste of freedom in 1783 when the Revolutionary War fully came to an end.

This year 1783, on 3rd September, under the Treaty of Paris, the English authority recognized the United States of America as an independent country.



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