Did The North American States Have Slaves?

Many users ask us some common questions related to slavery in the United States of American.

Answer In Short: Yes, of course, but compared to the numbers in the south, it was nothing.

Those questions are:

  • Did the states of North America have slaves?
  • Was that number more or less than the Southern states?
  • If less then why? And if more, then why?

Therefore, we thought to write some clear-cut direct answers to these questions.

So, the first question is…

Did The North American States Have Slaves, civil war

Did The North American States Have Slaves?

Generally, before Slavery banned in the United States, this was a very common case that white Europeans and Americans captured black Negros from the African continent and brought them to their country to use as slaves.

Though, the importance of slaves started decreasing in North American states due to some reasons; but they still used it.

The main reason was, before the Civil War, slavery still not yet completely banned (though a few states took initiative), and nor it declared as a crime via the constitution of the United States.

However, compared to the Southern states, the number was very very less.

[Important: Not all the black people in America were slaves. Some blacks who came to the continent around the 17th century were free people. They mostly migrated here to work on ships and other small jobs]


Why The Number Was Too Less In North?

The main reason was the difference between both parts’ economic dependency.

Actually, the North part of the United States of America was highly industrialized.

Their main economic activities were controlled through modern machines.

Capitalism was its core ideology.

Capitalists used wage-based laborers and modern machines for fulfilling production procedures.

And therefore, the importance of Slaves was quite less here.

But on the other hand, Southern states’ economy was based on agriculture and they used modern machines in a very less number.

Therefore, for making a profit through cultivation they can’t pay wages to laborers.

This was the core reason, why the importance of slaves was so much higher in southern states.

Here, unlike the capitalists, the landlords performed the main role in the economic field and they never wanted the US government to ban slavery anyhow.

Were There Any States That Didn't Have Slaves

Were There Any States That Didn’t Have Slaves?

There were many states in the United States who took the early initiatives to end slavery.

However, all those states were from the north part.

In the year 1777, the state of Vermont abolished slavery.

During the American Revolutionary war, it declared independence from the 13 colonies.

Although, in 1791 when it rejoined the union, it became the very first state, which had no slavery.

The other initiative taker states were:

  • Pennsylvania (1780)
  • New Hampshire (1783)
  • Massachusetts (1783)
  • Connecticut (1784)
  • Rhode Island (1784)

Because of these initiatives by the northern states, the south named them ‘Abolitionists’.


When Did Each State Abolish Slavery?

From the month of December, the year 1865; each and every single state of the United States of America had to end slavery forever.

Through the 13 amendments of the US constitution, Congress declared slavery an abominable crime.


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