First Continental Congress Date

The date of the First Continental Congress was September 5th, 1774.

Actually, the Congress started from that particular date but wended till the 26th of October month, 1774.

This means the meeting lasted for 52 consecutive days.

But now again, you may have a question in your mind that why it organized on that date?

First Continental Congress Date

Well, the most primary reason is the imposition of Coercive Acts or Intolerable Acts by the parliament of Great Britain from the beginning of 1774 till the month of June.

Throughout the whole the year, British parliament started imposing some bad laws on colonists’ heads, infamous as Intolerable Acts.

Those were:

  • Boston Port Act (March 31, 1774)
  • Massachusetts Government Act (May 20, 1774)
  • Administration of Justice Act (May 20, 1774)
  • Quebec Act
  • Quartering Act (22 June 1774)

Colonists’ leaders already warned Britain that they were playing with fire and it would cost them so much higher.

Even after their warnings and requests, when they got no results till the end, they decided to become rebellious against the government’s decisions and form their own authority.

As you can guess, the authority was the First Continental Congress.

The formation of the authority and actions through it was the response from the American colonist’s side after England did their implementation of those 5 vengeful laws.


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