Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death Meaning

‘Give me liberty or give me death’ quotation has a deep meaning.

This famous quotation was given by an American founding father and revolutionary.

Answer In Short & Quick: As per the quotation, we should never live like slaves or under the rule of autocracy.

Freedom or Liberty is our natural right (or birthright).

If it becomes necessary, we should fight and die to protect this god-gifted element.

The quotation became widely popular during the period of the American Revolution.

His name was Patrick Henry.

He said this quotation during his speech at the Second Virginia Convention of 1775.

So, what was he trying to mean through that amazing quotation?

Let’s try to find it out.

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death Meaning

Through this, he wanted to explain that we humans are born on the planet of the earth with some special rights.

These special rights are our natural rights, which are unalienable or eternal.

No other person, no government, or no country can arrogate these natural rights from us.

These are God’s gifts to the human race.

Our freedom…our liberty, social equality, and the right to the pursuit of happiness are a part of these natural rights.

These elements let human beings be separate from other living species.

If a nation or a government tries to swallow up these rights from us, then it becomes our right or duty to fight against that kind of injustice.

It’s better to die for liberty rather than live like slaves.

This quotation got massive popularity during the American Revolution era.

It inspired millions of American revolutionists to fight with full courage and achieve freedom from the Empire of Great Britain.

So, this was the meaning of his ‘Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death’ quotation.

I hope now you have got your answer.

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Interesting Fact: After America’s independence, the popularity of this quotation spread throughout the whole world. This quotation has been used extensively in the freedom struggles of many countries of the world. Examples: Australia, India, UAE, etc.

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death Meaning

Why In A Country, People’s Liberty Should Be Protected?

People’s liberty is the mainstay of any democratic nation in the world. Not even in democratic countries, but in other countries also, people’s liberty should be protected.

But why it should be?

As great Philosophers like John Locke and Thomas Hobbes said —

Far before, in the world of human society when there were no systems of states, governments and kings existed, physically powerful tyrants dominated weak people and ruled as they wished.

In direct words, those tyrants hampered common people’s liberty.

But whatever, humans are progressive species; they always find a way when there is no way.

The same thing happened in the state of nature.

To get rid out of the tyrannies of the powerful tyrants, they decided that they would put together all their powers into the hands of one authority.

And that authority would be responsible to protect all their life, liberty, and the ways of the pursuit of happiness from the attack of tyrants.

As you can understand, with the flow of time, these authorities became states, kings, and governments.

Now, because those authorities were created by people to protect their liberty, so they should always try to protect and should never try to abolish it. 


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