History of Thanksgiving True Story


History of Thanksgiving True Story

Don’t get me wrong, but no one can tell you the exact true story of the history of the first Thanksgiving.

Today, we only have some historical assumptions, which are also highly controversial because no one that attended the event documented its scenes.

Therefore, today no one can say with one hundred percent confidence that his/her assumption on the first Thanksgiving is correct.

History of Thanksgiving True Story

The Fake Story We Are Taught As The First Thanksgiving’s True Story

In the United States of America, from our childhood days, we have been learning a beautiful story about the first Thanksgiving celebration.

The ongoing story tells us that the first ever Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621, which was organized by 53 English Pilgrims of Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Those Pilgrims organized the event to thank and pray to the almighty god for making their first harvest successful in the new world.

Going one step ahead, the story also explains that the Pilgrims invited 90 Wampanoag Native Americans to the Thanksgiving dinner party, where they treated them with a lot of love and respect.

But the heart-rending truth is, that it is just a fake story created by some dependents of the early European settlers so that they can hide the abominable crimes, their ancestors did.

It is also said that the story was created in the days of the 1863’s American Civil War. Lincoln’s administration publicized it to calm down the bloody situation and unify the feelings of Americans.

[Did You Know? Abraham Lincoln Was The First US President To Declare Thanksgiving A National Holiday In 1863. Sarah Josepha Hale, An American Writer Convinced Him To Take The Initiative. Before The Success, She Tried 17 Times To Convince Different US Presidents]


Who Were The 53 Pilgrims In That Story?

53 Pilgrims were those who finally survived from the one hundred.

From 1619 to 1621, one hundred English Pilgrims migrated to the new world by crossing the giant Atlantic on a ship called “Mayflower”.

Many among the hundred died during the journey and some others perished due to the harsh winter after reaching the new world.

Those who survived arranged permanent settlements. 


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