How Can The Relationship Between The European Settlers And Native Americans Best Be Described?


How Can The Relationship Between The European Settlers And Native Americans Best Be Described?

Here, I will just share with you a few facts; you will automatically understand how the European settlers had a relationship with the Native Americans.

1. European settlers executed massacres on the Native American people. Between the years 1492 to 1900, the number of the total natives’ death was more than 12 million people. Although, in this 12 million people, the number of pandemics death also included in.

2. European settlers captured Natives to sell in Europe’s slave market because back then slavery had a high demand throughout the continent. Even they never showed any sympathy for little kids. They treated these innocent people like animals.

How Can The Relationship Between The European Settlers And Native Americans Best Be Described

3. Most of them, like Christopher Columbus, were tyrants, who captured women and little native girls of 8 to 10 years old for sexual slavery. Once Columbus captured a native woman and handed her to one of his close friends for rape.

4. European merchants ordered native people to collect gold, pearls, and other rich materials for them. If someone refused to do it, they punished him/her so hard (usually killed).

5. Due to the atrocities of the Europeans, many groups of native people also committed mass suicide.

6. They fought many battles against each other. However, Due to the intelligence and advanced weapons of the Europeans, the natives could never gain victory over them. Once, Columbus mentioned that he defeated some large native groups with only of his 50 crewmen.

7. During the Revolutionary War of American independence, natives supported the British Empire over colonists. Though, the British were too European; but under their rule, natives enjoyed some special privileges.

8. After the 13 colonies’ independence, the new government became hostile towards the natives. The new government created such laws to forcefully depart them from their own lands. 1830’s Indian Removal Act was a significant example of it.

I think using these facts; we can best describe the relationship between European settlers and Native Americans.

However, in the 21st century, their relation starts improving quite a bit.

We hope this improvement will keep continuing in the upcoming ages. 

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Did You Know?

1. Some native American groups were cannibals. Mostly, they killed and eat their opposition group’s people. While exploring the new world, Amerigo Vespucci encountered some similar groups of people. Even some natives killed and ate one of his crewmen.

2. Some historians want to claim that native people migrated to the landmass of America before 27000 years. Before migration, they lived in Siberia (Present-day a part of the Russian Federation). During the ice age, they entered here via the Bering Strait. 

3. Christopher Columbus was so brutal to the natives that once he even cut off a person’s tongue and nose for just stealing some sugar and wheat. After doing that, he took the native to Europe and sold him in a slave market.


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