How Did American Settlers Justify Taking Land From Native Americans?


How Did American Settlers Justify Taking Land From Native Americans?

Answer In Short & Quick:

1. First Justification: European Origin American Settlers Justified Saying That The Natives Were Not Using The Lands In The New World For Their Good, Though They Should Do.

For This Reason, It Is The Europeans’ Divine Right To Take Control Over The Lands And Use Them For Their Own Benefit.

2. Second Justification: Secondly, After The 13 Colonies’ Independence From Great Britain And The Formation of The United States of America, The New Government Became Hostile Towards The Natives.

Because During The Revolutionary War, Most Native Groups Supported & Fought Battles From The British Crown’s Side.

In This Case, They Justified By Saying That The Natives Don’t Deserve To Stay In The New Country.

Even, They Brought Various Policies To Remove Natives From Their Own Lands.

For Example, In 1830, The United States Federal Government Passed The ‘Indian Removal Act’ To Depart Natives From Their Own Compatible Places.

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How Did American Settlers Justify Taking Land From Native Americans
How Did American Settlers Justify Taking Land From Native Americans

Based on two different time periods, here we will discuss American settlers’ (or Europeans’) justification for taking lands from Native Americans.

The time periods are:

1. The beginning period of Europeans’ colonization (1500-1700) in the new world.

2. The second time period begins after the independence of the 13 North American colonies from their mother country Great Britain and the formation of the United States of America (After 1776).

So let’s light on these two time periods and their justification:


1. Beginning Period of Europeans’ Colonization (1500-1700)

In 1492, an Italian-Spanish navigator and explorer named Christopher Columbus discovered the new world by mistake while finding a sea route to Asia.

Commotion struck once the news reached Europe.

From the 15th century, from countries like Great Britain, France, Germany, and Spain, people started migrating to the new world with the hope of better life and also for establishing colonies.

At that time, there was no lack of land to live on the continents (New World).

The Native people who lived there did not have a massive population that could cause problems with living and working.

Either way, they were not using those lands for cultivation because of their primary dependency on hunting. 

European immigrants justified the native people in the new continents were not using those lands properly, nor did they feel its necessity.

Therefore, it was the Europeans’ divine right to take control of the lands and use them for their own benefit.

Even those people believed that God has sent them to the new world so that they could use the lands and natural resources there.

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? Christopher Columbus Discovered America By Mistake While Finding A Sea Route To Asia. For The First Time When Columbus Encountered Some of The New World’s Aboriginals, He Thought of Them as Indians. Seeing Their Body’s Little Red Color, He Named Them ‘Red Indians’. However, Later, Those People Got Recognized With ‘Native American’ Name]

Why Would Some Not Want To Be Independent From Britain

2. After The Independence of The 13 British North American Colonies (After 1776)

From the middle of the 18th century, American Revolution began against the autocratic rule of Great Britain.

During this period of time, the Native people here supported the Empire of Great Britain against the colonists (or revolutionaries) of the 13 colonies.

Even Natives had taken up arms for fighting against revolutionaries.

But whatever they did, not prove to be good for them.

In the year 1776, the 13 colonies declared independence from Great Britain and formed their new nation, the United States of America.

With a new government, the people of the new nation became hostile to the Natives. Their government also took some major actions against the natives’ interests.

One of the actions was to depart them from their own lands.

Colonists and the new government justifiedBecause the natives supported the British rule, they have no right to live in this new country and claim any convenience

Via this justification, the United States federal and state governments deported many hundreds of thousands of Native American families from their own compatible lands to some unfavorable areas.

1830’s Indian Removal Act was one of the initiatives to fulfill the purpose. 


So these were the two justifications from the European American settlers’ side.

I hope now you have got your answer.


  1. It is so sad that all of this was allowed to remove the american indian as the government did and not giving the american indian what they had promised. My grandmother is american indian and she had to struggle all her life to just live in this country. shame shame shame on you america.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. It was just wrong no matter how we tried to justify it. It was just stealing. I’m ashamed of what we so called Americans did.

  3. they had no right to do what they did, but all through history Europeans took what belong to others and make it theirs, way back even with religion which was created to rule people and keep them in line with the ways of Europeans.

  4. It’s it’s in the making we native Americans take all our land the white man took from us unjustifiable an then get ships an send them back to urope were they are from other than the ones they brought on slave ships now that’s inbreed of all the blue eyes done to much to sit an judge any man kind when he is the sickness of what cause an cost

  5. There is no one alive today who forced Natives off their land and onto reservations. In some cases, the Natives sold the land. The hostility is unfounded. I am of European descent, as far as I know, but I am American. I can’t go back to Europe because I’m not from there. I am from here. Anyone of Native descent is American. You are from here. At this point, we are part of the same country.

  6. Take a look at the bigger picture. The christian hoards invaded South America slaughtering entire NATIVE civilizations such as the Aztecs, the Inca’s, the Maya etc etc They were even slaughtering the American Indians throughout the great plains area. Relics from the conquistadors can still be found there. This was after they killed more people than all modern wars combined during their conquest to conquer Europe. In fact, they murdered so many educated people they threw us into the dark ages.
    Next, they conquered the U.S.
    If you take a look at the wars we have had, the picture is clear. The war with Japan. Japan was trying to defend themselves from a christian takeover. The U.S. had warships parked off the coast of Japan and were firing artillery into their coastal villages a full week before their “surprise” attack on Pearl Harbor in an effort to defend themselves. Hitler. Trying to defend Germany from a christian takeover. Vietnam, the same thing. The Korean War. South Korea trying to defend themselves from a christian takeover. World conquest is obviously still the agenda. The victors write the history books. The christian version of our history is extremely inaccurate. (the christans have a long history of destroying libraries, books and 1000’s of artifacts to conceal our true history in order to promote their own version) However, other non christian countries have no problems remembering the facts. They are well aware of the christian agenda for world conquest. It seems to me that every war we have had has been christians trying to obtain land and wealth. What does a violent cult do after conquering multiple countries? Do they just give it all away? Of course not. They simply set up puppet governments that we see today that they control from the shadows. The American Indians are lucky they were not tortured to death or burned at the stake like all the rest by the christians. Don’t blame the white man. Blame the christians. Their history is packed full of the very things that has happened to the American Indians. They have done this over and over again for last several thousand years. Eyes open.


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