How Did American Settlers Justify Taking Land From Native Americans?

Based on two different time periods, here we will discuss American settlers’ (or Europeans) justification of taking lands from Native Americans.

The time periods are:

  • The beginning period of Europeans’ colonization (1500-1700) in the new world.
  • After the independence of the 13 British American colonies and the formation of the United States of America (After 1776).

So let’s light over these two time periods and their justification:

How Did American Settlers Justify Taking Land From Native Americans
How Did American Settlers Justify Taking Land From Native Americans

Beginning Period of Europeans’ Colonization (1500-1700)

In 1492, a Spanish Navigator named Christopher Columbus discovered the new world.

From the 1500 century, from countries like Great Britain, France, and Spain, people started migrating there with the hope of better life.

At that time there was no lack of a place to live on that continent.

The Native people who lived there did not have a massive population that could cause problems of living and working.

European immigrants justified the native people in the new continent were not using those lands properly, nor did they feel its necessity.

Therefore, it was the Europeans divine right to take control over the lands and use them for their own benefits.

Even those people believed that God sent them to the continent so that they could use the land and natural resources there.


After The Independence of The 13 British American Colonies (After 1776)

From the middle of the 18th century, American Revolution began against the autocratic rule of Great Britain.

During this period of time, the Native people here supported the Empire of Great Britain against the colonists (or revolutionaries) of the 13 colonies.

Even, Natives had taken up arms for fighting against revolutionaries.

But whatever they did, not proved to be good for them.

In the year 1776, the 13 colonies declared independence from Great Britain and formed their own nation, the United States of America.

With a new government, the people of the new nation became hostile to the Natives. Their government also took some major actions against natives’ interests.

One of the actions was to depart them from their own lands.

Colonists and the new government justifiedBecause the natives supported the British rule, so they had no right to stay in this new country and claim any convenience

Via this justification, the US federal government deported thousands and lakhs of Native American families from their own lands.


So these were the two justifications from the European American settlers’ side.

I hope now you have got your answer.


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