How Did The French Help The Americans In The Battle of Yorktown?

In the battle of Yorktown, the Empire of French helped the Americans in the following ways:

  • French provided 7500-8800 military men to fight the war.
  • They also sent their 29 warships.
  • French sent some of their top military generals, like Comte de Rochambeau.
  • Provided money and arms, etc.
How Did The French Help The Americans In The Battle of Yorktown
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But What Was The Main Reason For The French Empire’s Help For The Revolutionists’?

  • The Empire of Great Britain and the Empire of France were hard-headed enemies of each other.
  • They always had the struggle to become the number one superpower in the world. Let me tell you, during this period of time, these two were the most powerful countries in the world.
  • France wanted to take revenge on Britain for the defeat of the Seven Years’ War.
  • France hoped to regain the old territories in the American continent that they had lost during the Seven Years’ War.
  • They wanted to show the glory and the power of the French Empire in front of the world.

If you want to know these causes from a broader perspective, then you can read this article: Link.


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