How Did The Massachusetts Government Act Change The Way Massachusetts Was Governed?

Do you know how did the Massachusetts Government Act of 1774 change the way Massachusetts was governed?

Ok, here I will explain the answer to this question.

Actually, before the act got passed, Massachusetts had the power in electing the members of its own executive council.

Massachusetts had been enjoying this election power under the Massachusetts Charter since the year 1691.

How Massachusetts Government Act Changed Governance
How The Massachusetts Government Act Changed Governance

The charter provided its locals the ability of its governance.

But after the act got royal assent in 1774 on 20th May; it completely took away all the powers from them.

The Massachusetts Government Act transferred this power to the king of Great Britain and royally appointed Governor.

From now, the king had the ability to appoint a royal Governor with so much power.

And Governor had the ability to appoint civil offices and other important positions for the governance of the province.

Even using that power, the Governor could dissolve the provincial assembly. That type of incident happened in the same year’s October month.

Actually, in 1774 October month, Governor Thomas Gage dismissed the provincial assembly.


What Was The Reason For The British Parliament Doing This?

The Massachusetts Government Act of 1774 was one of those five Coercive Acts.

All these five were passed by the parliament of Great Britain to punish American colonists for the Boston Tea Party.

Let me tell you that Boston was a part of Massachusetts province and during the time, it became the main center of growing unrest of the 13 colonies.

In other words, it was the center of the starting of the American Revolution.

Britain feared that if the unrest would be spared to the other parts of the 13 colonies, it would become difficult for them to calm it down.

Therefore, British authority wanted to contain the unrest within the land segment of Boston.

And as an easy way to control the city, they brought the Massachusetts Government Act in 1774.

Because though this they captured the whole administrative power of the province.


Did They Succeed Through Massachusetts Government Act?

No, the British didn’t succeed.

Contrary, it made colonists more rebellious.

Finally, as a result, they united in the First Continental Congress and it began the revolutionary war of America’s independence.


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