How Did Peyton Randolph Die?

Direct Answer: Peyton Randolph died due to an Apoplectic Stroke (Apoplexy stroke).

Peyton Randolph, who was an American statesman, patriotic leader, and one of the founding fathers of the United States of American died due to an Apoplectic Stroke in 1775 on October 22nd.

(Apoplectic Stroke causes bleeding within internal organs)

The place he died was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

How Did Peyton Randolph Die
How Did Peyton Randolph Die

Actually, he had been suffering from this health problem for many years.

Even during the time, while he was serving as the president of the first and second Continental Congress, faced similar health issue.

Finally, the issue caused his death in the year 1775.

The time before his death, he was having dinner with Thomas Jefferson.

But he suddenly had a stroke, which made him suffer for around five hours continuously.

Finally, in the end, he had to give up the battle against death.

After his death, the Continental Congress took many important initiatives to honor him.

For example:

  • They named one of the first US Navy ships to his name by ‘USS Randolph’.
  • During WW2, The United States’ one of the aircraft carriers were named after his name as USS Randolph (CV-15).
  • Congress declared his house as the National Historic Landmark. 
  • Many important places were named after his name. Such as North Carolina’s Randolph Country, Indiana’s Randolph Country, Massachusetts’ Randoph city.
  • And more other things.

Many historians also want to consider him as the very first president of the United States of America.

But why?

The reason is simple – because he served as the first president of the First and Second Continental Congress.

And of course, we know the congress worked as the first government of the 13 colonies, during the time of the revolutionary war.

USS Randolph (CV-15)
USS Randolph (CV-15)

A Short Introduction of Peyton Randolph’s Early Life

Peyton Randolph was born in 1721 on 10th September in the colony of Virginia, Williamsburg.

His family background was quite prosperous.

His father’s name was Sir John Randolph and his mother’s name was Susanna Beverley.

Father John Randoph was an influential politician from Virginia. However, he died when Peyton was a teenager of 15 years old.

Along with Peyton, they had another son and a daughter. Peyton was the eldest among his siblings.

Peyton’s younger brother’s name was John Randolph and his sister’s name was Mary Randolph.

Brother John Randoph served as a politician from Virginia.

Earlier, his family tree belonged to England.

One of his forefather’s name was William Randolph, who played a significant role in establishing British rule in the colony of Virginia.

Peyton Randolph studied at the College of William and Mary, Virginia. Later he went to England for studying law at Inns of Court.

In 1745 on 8th March, he married Elizabeth Harrison. Although, they birth no children. 


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