How Did The Quebec Act Affect The Colonists?


How Did The Quebec Act Affect The Colonists?

The Quebec Act primarily affect the colonists of the 13 North American colonies in two different ways.

On one hand, where it affected colonists on their religious side; similarly, on the other hand, it affected them on the territorial side.

Okay, let’s make it easy to understand, step by step.

[Fact: Did You Know? The Formal Name of The ‘Quebec Act’ Was ‘British North America Act 1774’]

How Did The Quebec Act Affect The Colonists
How Did The Quebec Act Affect The Colonists

1. Territorial Affect of The Quebec Act On The Colonists

The act intended to expand Canada’s Quebec province’s border area towards the 13 colonies’ midwest direction (Today’s the United States of America).

Although, this did not cause any harm to the British Empire because, after the Seven Years’ War, Canada formally became a part of their mighty empire (Once Canada was a part of the French Empire).

Through the act, the British parliament included land areas of today’s southern Ontario, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ohio with Quebec province.

But for the 13 colonies, it was unacceptable. 

Especially, it angered colonies such as New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia so much.

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? The American Colonists Were So Angry With The British Government Because Under The Quebec Act They Had To Give Up A Large Land Area of The 13 Colonies To The Same People Against Whom Many Thousand of Americans Fought Battle And Lose Their Lives During The Seven Years’ War (1756-1763)]

How Did The Quebec Act Affect The Colonists

2. Religious Impact

The Quebec Act’s another significant impact was seen on religion.

The law tried to increase religious distances between Christian Catholic and Protestant followers.

The law provided special privileges to Christian Catholics.

Most of the colonists in the 13 colonies believed in the Protestant sentiment.

They had a fear that the British government would also implement it in entire North America’s religious policy.

Though, they hadn’t implemented it in the 13 colonies; but it frightened them that it would raise Catholics’ influence in the near future and cause religious clashes.


Did You Know?

1. Till 1763, Canada was ruled by the Empire of France. Back then, they called it ‘New France’

However, because of the defeat in the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763), the control of the entire region transferred into the hands of the British Empire.

Under the treaty of Paris (1763), France had to give it up.

2. Under the rule of the Quebec Act, the Christian Catholic faith was established by removing the Protestant faith, in the oath of allegiance for government officials.

3. Along with patriots, the Quebec Act also dissatisfied loyalists too, which as a result accelerated the American Revolution in a much powerful way. After the 13 colonies’ independence, this Intolerable Act was repealed in 1791 (Quebec Act was a part of Intolerable Acts).


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