How Did The Revolutionary War Change The Meaning of Freedom?

The revolutionary war of America’s independence was one of the biggest phenomena of the world that happened in the late 18th century, which entirely changed the meaning of freedom for the people of a country.

It not only influenced the polity and social structure of America, but it started influencing globally overtime.

So how did it change the meaning of freedom than before?

Let’s discuss it here.

How Did The Revolutionary War Change The Meaning of Freedom?

Actually, before the revolutionary war happened between the colonial British Empire and 13 American colonies, people of any country in the world had no actual power and rights in the participation of its ruling system.

Due to the dominance of monarchy, only the king and church had the power in a country’s ruling system.

That time people can’t demand their administrators for providing them a better life, where they can enjoy a life with liberty, equality, and full of happiness.

In one word, there was no democracy in the world.

Hence, rulers didn’t care for their people.

For the very first time, through the revolutionary war of America, people of a country came further to fought some big battles for achieving their rights.

As described in the Declaration of Independence, those rights were Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Other words, they fought for democracy, where they can participate in the ruling system of their country.

This ideology of the revolutionary war later spared all over Europe and changed its people’s mentality over freedom.

It also inspired them causing some big revolutions there.

One of its examples is the French Revolution.

In simple language, the development of freedom caused by this war was the working form of the thinking of some of the great philosophers of Europe and America.


How The Revolutionary War Changed People’s Mentality?

It made people understand that the King or rulers of a country is not the representative of God.

God didn’t send them to the world to protect humans.

It is the people, who is the actual source of the power of a country.

People choose their rulers to protect them and provide a good life with liberty and happiness.

But sometimes when the rulers become tyrants and they start destroying people’s rights.

That time, it becomes people’s right to abolish or throw out that ruler from his power.

So, this was how all started changing after the great revolutionary war.


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