How Do Stores Try To Lure Shoppers During Black Friday?


How Do Stores Try To Lure Shoppers During Black Friday?

During Black Friday, usually stores try to lure shoppers by providing huge discounts on their products

In the United States of America, the days after Thanksgiving is considered the beginning of the shopping season for Christmas, and the first Friday after it, is called Black Friday.

To sell a huge amount of products and make a great profit, stores including online and offline provide great discounts to attract their customers.

How Do Stores Try To Lure Shoppers During Black Friday
How Do Stores Try To Lure Shoppers During Black Friday

In the United States, on this day, shopkeepers open their shops as early as possible. Sometimes even at midnight.

Although traditionally it was a part of American culture; but present-day, most countries around the world promote it to boost their economies.

The Black Friday shopping lasts for almost a week.

[Did You Know? Since 2005, Black Friday Has Become The Busiest Day of Shopping. Especially, The Rapid Growth of E-Commerce Making It Immensely Popular]


Facts You May Not Know About Black Friday

1. There are a lot of fights that occur on Black Friday shopping because of large gatherings.

Every year many people even lose their lives because of the excitement of shopping.

2. Although Black Friday is not a national holiday in the United States; but for the majority of the states in the country, it’s a state holiday.

These states are California, Louisiana, Delaware, Illinois, Kentucky, Florida, Kansas, and more.

3. Do you know? Along with the United States, Black Friday is also an important event in countries like Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Mexico, India, Romania, France, Germany, Switzerland, etc.

On Black Friday, these countries also try to strengthen their economies by making more spending into it.

4. Most people don’t know that the first ever Black Friday happened in 1869 when two persons, named financier Jay Gould and railway businessman James Fisk tried to corner the gold market.

The attempt caused panic and finally a major crash in the market.


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