How The First Continental Congress Got Its Name?

So, how did the First Continental Congress get its name?

Do you want to know?

Well, in simple sentences, it means that for the very first time, 12 of the 13 British American colonies of the North American continent were going to be united and about to take a big decision against the British Empire.

Because it was the first time that 12 of the North American continent’s colonies got united, therefore it got the name of the ‘First Continental Congress’.

It’s easy, right?

This happened in 1774.

The Second Continental Congress held in 1775.

How The First Continental Congress Got Its Name

What Is The Importance of This Congress?

The First Continental Congress was the very first unitary initiative from the American colonists’ side to counter unjust decessions of the British authority.

There had been many harmful laws, Great Britain had been imposing over colonists previously.

But they never unified against them like that before.

Actually, before this meeting happened, the English parliament decided to impose 5 Intolerable Acts on the colonists’ heads.

Those acts were fully against the interests of the American people.

Therefore, as an immediate response to the acts, the leaders of the colonies (except Georgia) decided to organize a meeting in Philadelphia, Pensilveniya.

The meeting had only one main motive and that was to counter British authority’s unjust decessions. 

With the unification of the colonies began the journey of the birth of the United States of America.

What Was The Outcome of The First Continental Congress

What Was The Outcome of The First Continental Congress?

The results or the outcomes of this Congress seen in three different ways.

So, the first outcome was the unification of American emotions.

It helped to unify the emotions of the people of the 13 colonies.

After this, they became able to understand that they were not British citizens, nor Great Britain has any sympathy towards them.

Therefore, if they wanted to protect their rights, they need to be unified under one flag and within one different nation from Britain.

And yes, that new nation was The United States of America.

Secondly, the Continental Congress became the first federal government of America.

We know that the colonies, still were under British rule; but for the very first time, colonists found their own unified political organization.

This new organization thought only for the benefit of colonists; but not for Great Britain.

Therefore, many historians also want to consider it as America’s first federal government.

The third significant outcome seen as an economic sanction over the British importing economic goods to the colonies.

In response to the 5 Intolerable Acts, the First Continental  Congress decided to boycott British goods import to the colonies.

This was one of the most successful outcomes of this meeting.

Because this action reduced British goods import to colonies by 97 percent, till the end of 1775.


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