How Many American Civilians Died In WW1?

Do you know why and how many American civilians died during World War 1?

Well, here I am going to answer this question.

Actually, the main center of the First World War was not America but the continent of Europe.

Short Answer: In a total of 757 American civilians lost their lives.

Therefore, the death of American civilians during the whole combat was very few than the civilians’ deaths in Europe.

As per some sources, we found only 757 American civilians deaths in the entire timeline of WW1.

How Many American Civilians Died In WW1

But How Those American Civilians Died In WW1?

Well, most of them died due to the Unrestricted Submarine Warfare policy by the German Navy.

For example, on May 7, 1915, German U-boats attacked and sank a British merchant ship, named ‘Lusitania’.

Here including 128 American civilians, a total of 1,201 people (mostly from Britain) drowned in the sea.


How Did The United States Respond To The Incident?

Due to the killing of innocent American citizens in this way, then the US President Woodrow Wilson condemned Germany in strong words and demanded to end the policy soon.

As a result, the same year’s September month, the German government decided to end that particular warfare policy.

However, in 1917 they brought back the warfare program again.

It provoked the United States’ entry into WW1.


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