How Many American Soldiers Were Killed During World War 2?

Though the United States of America made the most significant impact on allied power’s victory in World War 2; but they had to lose lakhs of soldiers during the combats with Axis forces.

So, the question is how many American soldiers were killed or died during the deadly World War 2?

Answer: The US total military death was 407,300

Here is the answer below:

As per various reputable sources, the total number of US military death was 407,300, which is of course a very big number.

In the year 1939, the USA’s population was 131,028,000.

So, from this perspective, the percentage of the total deaths is 0.32 of their total population.

However, 12,100 civilians deaths number also included in this 0.32 percent.

Including civilians, the number of total deaths is 419,400.

671,801 soldiers also badly wounded during combats.

How Many American Soldiers Were Killed During World War 2
Source: Saving Private Ryan Movie

10 Main Campaigns, Locations And The Deaths of American Soldiers During World War 2

  • Battle of Normandy (29, 204 soldiers), France
  • Battles of the Meuse-Argonne (26,277 soldiers), France
  • Battle of the Bulge (19,276 soldiers), Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany
  • Central Europe Campaign (15,009)
  • Battle of Okinawa (14,000 soldiers), Japan
  • Hürtgen Forest Battle (12,000 soldiers), Germany
  • North Apennines Campaign (8,486 soldiers), Northern Italy
  • Battle of Luzon (8,310 soldiers), Luzon, Philippines
  • Operation Anvil (7, 301 soldiers), France
  • Battle of Guadalcanal (7,100), British Solomon Islands


How Many US Soldiers Participated In The War?

Not fully confirmed, but some historians say that around 16,112,566 US soldiers participated in the battles of World War 2.

This participation was more than ten percent of the USA’s whole population.

Apart from getting killed, 130,201 were also captured by enemies as war prisoners.

However, once the war ended 116,129 soldiers returned back to their homes. 

How Many US Soldiers Participated In The World War 2
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Why The Deaths of American Civilians Is Quite Less In This Second Great War?

The main reason for this fact is the geographical location of the United States.

The country was far away from the main war zone.

Actually, the main center of World War 2 was Europe and Asia, not the continent of America.

Hence, no significant battle of the Second World War fought on the USA’s mainland.

Though, Japan attacked America’s Pearl Harbor Island; but it was far away from the country’s mainland.

Here only sixty-eight civilians lost their lives.

Geographical location is the main reason, why we see fewer American civilians’ deaths than in other Asian and European countries’ civilians.

Most of the deaths of the 12,100 civilians happened in other lands.

Such one example is due to the attacks of German U-Boats, where around 5000 civilians died.


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