How Many Black Friday In A Year?


How Many Black Friday In A Year?

Luckily, there is only one Black Friday in a year and it falls on the first Friday after Thanksgiving or the fourth Friday of November.

If some giant multinational companies could, they would have made each and every Friday a Black Friday.

Don’t get me wrong, but it’s quite true. They make a lot of money out of this day.

How Many Black Friday In A Year

Do you know? In 2015, the king of e-commerce, launched Black Friday deals in July. However, they tried to name it differently “Amazon Prime Day”.

It is just an example; a lot of companies try to do this all over the world with different names.

I am not judging whether is it good or bad, but one thing is true we would have spent a lot of money unnecessarily if we have more than one Black Friday.

[Interesting Fact: To Make More Sales And Profit, Merchants And Companies Nowadays Trying To Push The Black Friday Event Earlier And Earlier. Since 2009, They Have Been Doing This From The Later Part of The Thanksgiving Day. Therefore, The day Is Now Called “Black Thursday”]


Dark Truth of Black Friday – Slave Trade?

According to some historians, the term “Black Friday” originated from the days of Slave trade in America.

Back then, on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, some masters sold their underperforming black slaves at lower prices.

Because of lower prices, a lot of people spent their money to buy them.

However, the theory is quite controversial and less known as its origin.

[Did You Know? A Day Called “Buy Nothing Day” Is Also Observed On The Same Day Black Friday. Many Countries From North America, Asia, And Europe Observe It As A Protest Against Consumerism. It Was Founded By A Canadian Artist, Named Ted Dave]


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