How Many Purple Hearts Have Been Awarded To A Single Individual?


How Many Purple Hearts Have Been Awarded To A Single Individual?

Till today, the highest up to 9 Purple Hearts have been awarded to a single individual.

The US patriots who received it were Staff Sergeant Albert Luke Ireland and First Sergeant Irwin Ray Fraser.

For his extraordinary service during World War II, Sergeant Albert Luke Ireland received 5 Purple Hearts and for the Korean War, he received 4 Purple Heart awards.

First Sergeant Irwin Fraser received three Purple Hearts during the Korean war and six in the Vietnam war.

There are many other notable names who received multiple Purple Hearts, but the highest number is 9.

How Many Purple Hearts Have Been Awarded To A Single Individual

Brief Introduction To Staff Sergeant Albert Luke Ireland

Albert Luke Ireland was a staff sergeant of the United States Marine Corps. During World War II, he showed tremendous courage on the Pacific front against Japanese forces.

Sergeant Albert Luke was wounded five times during the combats against the Japanese. For his service in the Pacific, the US authority awarded him five Purple Heart medals.

From 1950-1953, he again participated in the Korean War. This time, he was also wounded four times and received four awards from the US authority.

Luke joined the US marine corps in 1941 and served till 1953.

Along with Purple Heart, he was also honored with two Bronze Star Medals.

  • Birthplace: Cold Spring, New York
  • Date of birth: February 25, 1918
  • Place of death: Great Bend, Kansas
  • Date of death: November 16, 1997


Brief Introduction To First Sergeant Irwin Ray Fraser

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A Few Soldiers Who Received 8 Purple Hearts 

1. Robert Tryon Frederick: Major General Robert Tryon Frederick earned 8 Purple Hearts for his service during World War 2. He served in the US Army from 1928 to 1952.

2. Joe Ronnie Hooper: Joe Hopper served both in the United States Navy and Army. Along with the Medal of Honor, he earned 8 Purple Heart awards for his service in Vietnam War.

3. David Haskell Hackworth: David Haskell Hackworth in short Hack was a military journalist and Army colonel of the United States. He served the country during Vietnam War and Korean War. Hack earned 3 Purple Hearts in Korean War and five in Vietnam War.  


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