[GENIUS]: How Old Was Thomas Jefferson When He Wrote The Declaration of Independence?


How Old Was Thomas Jefferson When He Wrote The Declaration of Independence?

Well, Mr. Thomas Jefferson was only 33 years old when he wrote the Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Jefferson was one of the youngest delegates of the United States Congress when he was chosen for writing the historical document.

Due to his amazing handwriting and popularity, other leaders choose him for executing the job.

Later, this contribution by Jefferson also became the identity of his great life.

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? The Second Continental Congress Formed A Committee of Five Delegates To Write The Declaration of Independence. Among These Five Delegates, Jefferson Was The Chief Drafter of The Committee. The Other Four Delegates Were John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, And Robert R Livingston]

How Old Was Thomas Jefferson When He Wrote The Declaration of Independence
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Was Thomas Jefferson The Youngest Among All?

No, not at all.

Along with Thomas Jefferson, many other delegates were below 40 and even 30 years old.

The youngest delegate was Edward Rutledge. Back then his age was only 26 years old.

Edward Rutledge was from South Carolina. After US independence, he became the governor of South Carolina State.

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? Earlier, When Congress Selected Jefferson For Writing The Declaration of Independence, He Felt Quite Nervous; Even, He Thought John Adams Should Do The Job. However, Later, John Adams Calm Him Down With Some Drinks And Persuaded Him For Writing The Document]

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A Short Introduction To Thomas Jefferson’s Life

Thomas Jefferson was one of the founding fathers of the United States of America and the chief writer of the Declaration of Independence.

He served as the third president of the country from the year 1801 to 1809 and the Second Vice-President between the years 1797 and 1801.

Along with being a statesman, Jefferson was also a lawyer, architect, and great philosopher.

He was born in 1743 on the 13th of April in the Colony of Virginia.

His father’s name was Peter Jefferson, Peter worked as a planter and surveyor. Peter Jefferson died when Thomas was just a 14-year-old kid.

Thomas’s mother’s name was Jane Randolph.

Peter and Jane had a total of 10 children of whom Thomas was their third child. However, one of his brothers was adopted.

Before entering American politics, he had done a number of jobs; such as practicing law and farming, etc.

This great man, who did a peerless role in the prestige of the United States of America, died at the age of 76. The year was 1826 on July 4th.

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? The Philosophy, Thomas Jefferson Had Drawn In The Declaration of Independence Was Highly Inspired By The Philosophies of Enlightenment Age Philosophers. Mostly, Here We Can See The Impact of John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Voltaire, And Rousseau] 


3 Interesting Facts About Jefferson And The Declaration

1. Did you know? In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson criticized the British Parliament and King George III for encouraging the slave trade through the Atlantic ocean; even, Jeff called it an abominable crime against humanity.

But most interestingly, Jefferson himself was a slaveholder during the course of his whole life.

He owned around 600 Black people as his property.

2. Did you know? In the first draft, Jefferson raised the issue of slavery; but due to some other complications, Congress’ delegates preferred not to give it much emphasis. Therefore, the issue was removed from the final draft.

3. Did you know? Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft of the Declaration in a rented house in Philadelphia.


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