How To Shop Black Friday In Stores?


How To Shop Black Friday In Stores?

Black Friday is a great day to shop because of its amazing deals and unimaginable discounts. Every year, people especially in the United States wait for this day for months and when the day breaks out, people shop here like crazy.

However, because of this excitement and craziness, a lot of turmoil also occurs while shopping.

Therefore, if you are also waiting months for this special occasion, you need to follow certain rules while shopping in stores so that you can avoid all the bad happenings and grab the best deals.

So, let’s dive right in.

How To Shop Black Friday In Stores
Image: How To Shop Black Friday In Stores

5 Rules You Need To Keep In Mind – How To Shop Black Friday In Stores?

1. Make A List of Your Desired Items

It is quite important. However, only a few people do this, while most don’t.

Make a list of your desired products a few days before and stay firm on them. Don’t add things unnecessarily or out of your budget.

If you follow this first step, it will save a lot of time and money too.

[Tip: Avoid Carrying Credit Cards. Credit Cards Will Tempt You To Buy More Things Unnecessarily]

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2. Do A Small Research A Few Days Before Black Friday

Secondly, you need to follow this step one or two days before the shopping began.

Visit a few stores nearby and try to figure out which one has a lot of the best products and can offer you lucrative deals from your desired list.

If you do this comparison one or two days before, it will not be tough for you to choose the best among them on Black Friday.

Usually, I personally prefer to visit big stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Target, Big Lots, Hobby Lobby, etc.

Usually, they store a lot of the best products for the Friday sales.

3. Go Early To Grab The Best Deals

If you live in the United States, you may know that Black Friday sales start from midnight on Friday. Even nowadays, it starts in the later part of Thanksgiving (Thursday).

People are so excited that they even visit stores at midnight to grab the best deals out of the basket.

I suggest you, go as early as possible to avoid long lines. If you can’t go early, then pay someone to stay in the line for you.

The earlier you visit; the better deals you will be able to grab.

fighting in stores during black friday

4. Stay Away From The Crowd Where People Fight & Rush

Do you know? Every year more than 15 people lost their lives and 100 get injured during Black Friday sales. Things like fighting and gunfire are not uncommon on this day.

I suggest you control your curiosity and make a long distance from the places where these events occur. And please try to avoid the rush.

[Did You Know? New York, In 2008, Almost 2000 Crazy Shoppers Broke The Doors of A Walmart Store In A Rush & Trampled A 34-Year-Old Employee Jdimytai Damour Until His Death]


5. Don’t Fight or Do Arguments For The Same Deal

We often see people fight like cats and dogs to grab the same deal on Black Friday. It seems uncivilized and also shows the weakness of the person.

Please avoid all these things.

If you miss an offer…so what?

Just go, find & get another one. Just stay calm and enjoy the shopping.



So, these five are the ways how I visit stores on Black Friday and shop for different items.

I hope, you have your own rules or maybe will follow the rules above I have shared.

Let me know what you think.


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