Is Bennington Battle Day A State Holiday?


Is Bennington Battle Day A State Holiday?

Yes, Bennington battle day is observed as a state holiday in the US state of Vermont. The observation date is fixed and falls on the 16th of August every year.

In 2022, Americans (Especially, the people of Vermont) are going to celebrate it on the 16th of August.

Usually, on this day, state government offices, banks, municipal buildings, and schools are closed in Vermont.

To this day, most of the state’s historic sites remains open for free for public visits.

Is Bennington Battle Day A State Holiday?

But Why Does The State of Vermont Observe The Bennington Battle Day As A State Holiday?

The battle of Bennington was an important event of the American Revolutionary War that took place on 16th August 1777.

In this battle, American rebels (mostly from Vermont) achieved a decisive victory over British Red coats, although at the beginning of the Revolutionary War they were in a weaker position.

As a remembrance of this victory day, each year the US state of Vermont celebrates the 16th of August as Bennington battle day and recalls its glorious history.

This is the reason why they observe it as a state holiday. 


Is The Post Office Open On Bennington Battle Day? – 2022 August 16th

Bennington battle day is actually a state public holiday in Vermont. Therefore, most of the state government’s offices are closed on this day.

However, the United States federal government offices remain open.

As the Post Office services are controlled by the federal government, therefore, post offices will remain open on this day.


2 Facts To Know About The Battle of Bennington

  • Seeing the victory of American militiamen in the battle of Bennington (1777), France realized that the Americans had the capability to win the revolutionary war. The next year, this victory significantly encouraged France to join the war against Great Britain.
  • Did you know? In the battle of Bennington, British forces faced 12 times more causalities than American militias. The conflict was one of the earliest major victories for the rebels in the Revolutionary War.


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