Is Black Friday The Same Day Every Year?


Is Black Friday The Same Day Every Year?

Yes, Black Friday falls on the same day every year, however, the date could be different.

It occurs on the day after Thanksgiving or the fourth Friday of November and continues for almost a week.

Traditionally, in the United States of America, Black Friday is considered the beginning of the unofficial shopping season for Christmas.

Is Black Friday The Same Day Every Year

Even, most state governments in the country allow their employees a holiday for the shopping day so that they can go shopping and boost states’ economies.

However, it is not a federal holiday.

In the 21st century, due to the influence of the Internet and social media, Black Friday has become an immensely popular shopping day of the year.

[Interesting Fact: In 2015, The World’s Leading E-Commerce Site, Offered Its Customers A Black Friday Sale In The Month of July. They Named The Campaign “Amazon Prime Day”. Even They Continued It In 2016 & 2017]


When Did Black Friday Become The Beginning of Shopping Season For Christmas?

Since 1952, Black Friday has become the beginning of the shopping season for Christmas.

Although, the idea originated in the United States, nowadays, it has become a global idea.

Especially, capitalist nations like the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, Singapore, India, Japan, and France starts adopting it to boost their economies.


What Is Black Thursday?

Black Thursday is the day before Black Friday or the later part of the day of Thanksgiving (5 pm to 12 am).

Stores in the United States starts pushing Black Friday earlier and earlier to maximize their profits.

However, some argue that they start opening the stores early so that buyers could avoid massive traffic on Friday and return home early to spend time with families.

Instead of Black Thursday, some people also call it “Gray Thursday” and “Brown Thursday”.

[Do You Know? Every Year, On Black Friday Sale, Some Strange Violent Event Occurs In The United States. For Example, In 2008, Almost 2000 Crazy Shoppers Broke The Doors of A Walmart Store In New York And Passed Trampling An Employee Until He Died. The Employee’s Name was Jdimytai Damour]


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