Is Cyber Monday As Good As Black Friday?


Is Cyber Monday As Good As Black Friday?

No doubt that Cyber Monday is a great day for shopping online. But I think, this is not as good as Black Friday.

Here are a few reasons:

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1. Cyber Monday Falls After Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday.

It is considered the beginning of the shopping season for Christmas.

For this shopping day, people keep waiting for months and also deposit money so that they can purchase more and more valuable goods at discounted rates.

Consumers often end up buying most of the best deals on this day.

In the United States, buyers’ excitement is high that even at the cold midnight of November they come to stores to grab Black Friday’s best deals.

Because of this reason, the majority of the great deals end up on this day.

Cyber Monday falls two days after Friday. Consumer excitement and money are also scarce till the day because of Black Friday’s shopping. 

Therefore, merchants also make less profit on Monday than they made on Friday.


2. Black Friday Is A Holiday But Cyber Monday Is Not

Although Black Friday is not a federal holiday in the United States of America, but more than 22 states in the country observe it as a state holiday.

Here state government employees can enjoy the holiday.

Especially, these states initiate this leisure time so that people can go shopping.

This helps them strengthen their economies by making more and more spending on it.

It helps merchants to make huge sales and great profits on this day.

However, Cyber Monday is not a federal or state holiday in the US.

Therefore, though it’s one of the busiest shopping days, but it is still smaller than Black Friday.


3. Cyber Monday Represents Only Digital Transactions, While Black Friday Represents Both Physical & Digital Transactions

Cyber Monday is a great day for shopping for those who love online buying because its deals are available only on the Internet (Such as,, and

However, Black Friday deals are good for all people, no matter do they love Internet shopping or not because it’s deals are available both in Physical and digital forms.


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