Is Cyber Monday Before Or After Black Friday?


Is Cyber Monday Before Or After Black Friday?

Every year, Cyber Monday falls on the first Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

The days after Thanksgiving is considered the beginning of the shopping season for Christmas. It continues for a week.

Here, two shopping days are the most important, one is Black Friday and another is Cyber Monday.

Especially in the United States of America, people observe these two shopping days as festivals.

Even, most states in the country, provide their state government employees holiday for Black Friday shopping.

[Did You Know? To Counter The Consumerism Ideas Like Black Friday & Cyber Monday, A Day Is Also Observed In Some North American & European Countries. The Day Is Called “Buy Nothing Day”. It Was Started In Vancouver, Canada By An Artist, Name Ted Dave]

Is Cyber Monday Before Or After Black Friday

Why Have Black Friday & Cyber Monday Becomes Immensely Popular Ideas Nowadays?

In the 21st century, these consumerism ideas are getting immensely popular all over the world.

It’s mainly happening because of the growth of the Internet and the rapid use of Social Media channels (such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc).

Every year, from the start of November, companies including small, medium, and large publish a lot of ads on these platforms regarding Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales.

These kinds of stuff influence people’s minds to grab those deals at cheap prices.

No matter how much some people observe “Buy Nothing Day” or educate people against consumerism, this is the age of capitalism and it seems like nobody can’t stop these things.


Why The Days Are Called “Black Friday” & “Cyber Monday”?

In general, when we call a day Black Friday or Black Saturday or Black Sunday or whatever black, it consists of something negative or a day of calamities.

But in economic terms, “Black” means huge sales or massive profit.

On the first Friday after Thanksgiving, merchants sell their massive amount of goods or make a lot of profit, therefore they call this day Black Friday.

The meaning of Cyber Monday is also quite similar to the above one. The main difference is that Cyber Monday is entirely based on digital or e-commerce transactions.


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