Is Cyber Monday Like Black Friday?


Is Cyber Monday Like Black Friday?

The answer is Yes and No, both.

In some cases, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost the same. But at the same time, in some other cases, they are quite different from each other.

First of all, let’s see how both have some different characteristics:

1. Cyber Monday is entirely based upon digital or e-commerce transactions, while Black Friday is based upon both physical and digital transactions.

Is Cyber Monday Like Black Friday

2. Cyber Monday is quite a new idea, started in 2005. But Black Friday is an old idea, started in 1869’s panic.

3. For buying new and big ticket items, Black Friday’s discounted deals are considered to be the best for all people. However, for buying digital goods, services, or small gifts, Cyber Monday’s discounted deals are considered to be the best.

[Did You Know? The Police of Philadelphia & Rochester Made The Term “Black Friday” Popular Among Americans. They Used The Term To Describe The Massive Gatherings of People After The Day of Thanksgiving. Usually, The Gatherings Happened On Those Days Because of The Starting of The Shopping Season For Christmas]


What Are The Similarities of Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Both days have more similarities than differences.

Here is a list of five top similarities between the two main shopping days:

1. First of all, Black Friday and Cyber Monday both represent the beginning of the shopping season for Christmas. It continues for almost seven days.

2. Secondly, both of them start after Thanksgiving day. Black Friday falls on the first Friday after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday falls on the first Monday after Thanksgiving.

3. Third and most importantly, on both days, people can purchase various goods and services at massive discount rates.

4. The fourth important similarity is that both of the ideas originated in the United States of America. However, nowadays, they become global. Governments are popularizing this idea to boost their economies.

[Fact: The Term Cyber Monday Was First Used By Ellen Davis. She Was The President of The National Retail Federation. The Idea Debuted On November 28th, 2005, In A Press Release. Eventually, It Became One of The Busiest Online Shopping Days of The Year]


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