Is Today National Aviation Day?


Is Today National Aviation Day?

Is it August 19th, 2022?

If yes, then, of course, today is National Aviation Day in the United States of America. The date is fixed for the observation.

This is an annual observation in the United States and has been going on since 1939 August 19th.

It was first declared by the United States 32nd honorable President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Is Today National Aviation Day
Is Today National Aviation Day?

What Is The Reason For The National Aviation Day’s Observation?

19th August is actually the birthday of the great American inventor Orville Wright.

Of course, we all know, that Orville Wright and his beloved brother Wilbur Wright invented the airplane, which was a revolutionary technology for mankind.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared the observation of this day because of celebrating the development of the aviation industry in the United States.

Along with that, the declaration of the day was an act of showing honor to the great American inventor.

[Did You Know? Orville Wright was still alive when president Franking D Roosevelt declared the proclamation to celebrate the day. Even he was alive nine more years from the observation began in 1939]


So How Do Americans Celebrate The National Aviation Day?

The United States federal and state governments always encourage their people to celebrate this day with some activities so that they promote interest in aviation.

Americans do some activities like:

  • Many people visit Kill Devil Hills in North Carolina so that they can commemorate the memory of the Wright brothers’ revolutionary invention. There is a memorial in the Wright brothers’ name. Its name is Wright Brothers National Memorial.
  • Many people, especially kids make airplanes (not original) from plastic, and paper to celebrate the day and show honor to the Wright brothers.


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