5 Negative Effects of World War 1 On America (WORST)


Negative Effects of World War 1 On America

Short & Quick Answer:

  • The Birth of New Enemies For World War 2.
  • Death And Disability In Millions.
  • Violence Against German Americans.
  • The Rise of The Cold War Against USSR.
  • Impact On Supply To Europe.

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The event was World War 1, which boosted America’s economy and military power more than ever before.

But at the same time, it was the cause, which brought too many negative effects on the rising global superpower.

So, what are they?

Well, here we have discussed the five main points below, which negatively influenced the United States of America after World War 1.

Let’s make a discussion about them.

Negative Effects of World War 1 On America
Negative Effects of World War 1 On America

1. The Birth of New Enemies For World War 2

The USA was the main power, after which entry the defeat of Germany and its allies had become certain.

In later years, this defeat led to the birth & rise of some cruel dictators like Adolf Hitler (Germany) and Benito Mussolini (Italy).

Although in WW1, Italy and Japan fought from the allies’ side, but the treaty of Versailles made them quite unhappy and angry.

Taking advantage of the public anger, Benito Mussolini came to power in Italy, and in the far east, Japan started becoming aggressive under the leadership of Tōjō Hideki.

These powerful leaders became more active against America and its allies to protect and regain their national dignity.

They wanted somehow to defeat and ruin the United States and its allies (UK, France) through another great war.

Later in 1939, these vengeful leaders lead the world to another great war, which was more dangerous than the first one. And yes, as you can guess, it was World War 2.

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2. Death And Disability In Millions

America and its allies won World War 1, but they lost millions of people’s lives and millions got disabled for their whole life.

Alone, the US lost the lives of 116,516 militaries and got disabled 204,002.

On the other side, after victory when soldiers arrived back in their own country (from Europe), they brought many terrible diseases, like Influenza.

Later, the diseases, especially Influenza took the form of a pandemic and caused the deaths of many hundred thousand people in the United States.

It is estimated that during the Influenza pandemic 675,000 people lost their lives in the USA. 

However, due to its geographical distance from the main warzone, not too many civilians lost their lives during battles.


3. Violence Against German Americans And Immigrants

Another one of the main negative effects of World War 1 on America was the development of extreme national sentiment.

Because of this reason, many German-American civilians got harassed by other civilians.

At that time, German-Americans were the largest non-English speaking minority community in the country.

They contributed around 8 to 10 percent of the country’s whole population.

Extreme nationalists targeted these people and their language.

On the other hand, so many violent activities also started happening against Socialists and immigrants.

These bad events made the USA’s internal society quite turbulent for some time.

Even, many analysts were afraid thinking that the incidents would lead their country to another Civil War.


4. The Rise of The Cold War Against The USSR

In 1917, the Russian revolution ended up the rule of Tzar Alexander and established the rule of Communism under Vladimir Lenin’s leadership.

But after the communist’s victory, a Civil war began in the newly formed USSR.

From 1917 to 1920, the Communist Party of Soviet Russia blamed America and its western allies that they were trying to collapse the Communist government from power.

Even though, it didn’t immediately take an intense form; but it raised a new line of the upcoming Cold war era.

After the 2nd World War, many times the US and the USSR faced off against each other. Many people were afraid that World War 3 would start happening soon.


5. Impact On Supply To Europe

Before the United States entered WW1, the whole of Europe was the market for its goods. 

Due to Europe’s factories and mills shutting down, the US had to supply their necessary products (Even military equipment).

Including allied nations, they also supplied massively to axis nations too; such as Germany and Austria-Hungary, etc.

But when they entered the war, their market share reduced a bit. 

However, in the long run, it didn’t create much negative impact on their economy.


Did All These Negative Effects Make America Weak?

Not really!

All these effects did not do much harm to the country, in the long run.

Contrary, the United States of America began rising as a global leader after World War 1.

We have already published another article regarding how the USA became a superpower after WWI.

You can read this post here: Link.


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