Paine Most Likely Wrote The Crisis, Number IV In Order To


Paine Most Likely Wrote The Crisis, Number IV In Order To

Philosopher and the United States founding father Thomas Paine most likely wrote his pamphlet The Crisis or ‘The American Crisis’, number IV in order to inform the authority of Great Britain that they had already made colonists intensely unsatisfied and angry for their self-interests.

And therefore, this time, colonists would not give up; but they will fight till the end, for justice, and for freedom.

Answer In Short:

  • To Warn The English Authority That Colonists Will Keep Fighting For Their Rights & For Freedom.
  • To Inspire The Colonists For Joining In The Revolutionary War & Make It Successful.
Paine Most Likely Wrote The Crisis, Number IV In Order To
Paine Most Likely Wrote The Crisis, Number IV In Order To

Another side of Thomas Paine’s intention through the Crisis can be seen as he wanted to give colonists a proper reason for joining the revolution and fighting the Revolutionary War against their mother country, Great Britain.

He knew very well that colonists wouldn’t fully join the Revolutionary War until they found a proper reason to do that.

So, to drive them in, he also gave an amazing reference of God to the colonists:

He tried to convince them saying that war against British rule would be a war with the support of God. This meant, their rebellion was completely fair.

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? Although Thomas Paine Was A British Citizen, He Was Born In Thetford, England; But During The Time of The American Revolution, He Raised His Voice Against The British Empire. Even He Defined The British Rule In The 13 Colonies A Tyranny. He Is Remembered As One of The Founding Fathers of The United States of America]

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Facts About The The Crisis Pamphlet Series of Thomas Paine?

1. Did you know? In the crisis pamphlet series, Thomas Paine encouraged colonists saying that the British authority was arrogating the rights of Almighty God to control the 13 colonies.

He believed that almighty God wouldn’t leave Americans alone to get destroyed by the atrocities of the British military.

Even, going one step further, he mentioned – the war against Great Britain means the war with the support of god.

2. Did you know? Thomas Paine’s ‘the Crisis’ was one of the highest-selling books in United States history, published during the Revolutionary War.

Even, before he published ‘Common Sense’, it was in the number one position, in terms of selling. However, later, the ‘Common Sense’ pamphlet took it over.

3. Did you know? Thomas Paine published The Crisis series in a total of thirteen pamphlets within seven years.

The first one was published on 19th December 1776 and the last one was published on 19th April 1783.   


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