Paul Revere Role After Boston Massacre

Paul Revere, who was one of the leading patriots of the American Revolution, played a very significant role after the incident of the Boston Massacre.

Including him, some other patriotic leaders started using the Massacre incident as propaganda against the British authority.

The most important part of his contribution was his picture of “The Bloody Massacre in King-Street, March 5, 1770”.

Here he showed the brutality of the English soldiers on unarmed and innocent colonists.

The picture broadly influenced the viewpoint of American colonists’ over the British Empire and their cruel ruling.

So, what was in the picture that it angered the colonist’ some much?

Let’s try to analyze it out.

Paul Revere Role After Boston Massacre

Here are a few points below, you can notice in Paul Revere’s picture:

1. First of all, the British soldiers present at the scene, instructed by their captain to brutally shoot over the protestors.

However, later it also reported that the soldiers had not given any instructions of attack by their captain.

But whatever happened, inscribed in the picture spread like fire among colonists.

2. Secondly, Revere showed that the British soldiers were enjoying the murder.

You can notice it in the face of the soldier far end smiling like a tyrant. This made the colonists further angry.

3. Revere showed the protesters very innocent in the picture, on whom the British soldiers are brutally attacking.

Some of them have been shot in the body, which lies down in the ground, soaked with blood, some of them trying to help their companions, and some of them frightened requesting soldiers to stop firing.

But in spite of all these, soldiers’ attack was not stopping. They were firing so much that the whole place was filled with smoke.

This gave birth to respect for the protestors and hatred towards British soldiers in the minds of Americans.

4. In the picture, Paul Revere shows the dog frightened and the sky inscribed, describing a terrible state. 

5. There is a sniper shooting the protestors from Butcher Hall’s 2nd floor.

Through the sniper, Revere trying to show that the murder was pre-planned by the British authority.

If that incident had happened accidentally, the sniper would not have been there pointing to the protestors.


So, through these creative descriptions, this picture significantly changed the mindset of colonists’, which later years helped to led the revolution of America.

But again a question arises in the mind, whether all the stuff Revere showed in the picture were true or falls?

Paul Rever, Paul Revere Role After Boston Massacre

Did Paul Rever’s Picture Show Everything Genuine?

The Boston Massacre’s picture drawn by Paul Revere significantly turned American Colonists’ attitude against the British Parliament and King George III.

But the question has been always in controversy, whether all the facts he showed through his drawing were true or falls?

Here we need to analyze these three points below: 

1. First of all, the controversial fact is – it is still not sure, whether Paul Revere was present in that situation or not?

If he was there, then it’s okay; but if he not, then how can we believe that all the pieces of stuff, his picture trying to express were true?

In this scenario, chances are high, he was trying to over-interpretation the situation.

2. Secondly, Revere showing that the protestors are unarmed, frightened, and innocent.

But this is not the complete truth at all.

Because the protestors also attacked the English soldiers with snowballs, clubs, and stones.

It was not shown in the picture.

3. The Third fact is, in the picture, the captain ordering his troops to attack the protestors, but in reality, the captain, named Thomas Preston didn’t order his soldiers to do that.



We are not judging, was it wrong or right, necessary or unnecessary?

But these points clearly prove that Paul Rever exaggeratedly publicized the incident among the public.


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