Privacy Policy

Our user’s privacy is very important to us. Therefore, we always give the highest priority to protecting users’ personal information; such as email address, phone number, and name.

Similarly, as a user, while accessing this blog, it’s very obvious that you know and follow our privacy policy too.

The guidelines below is our privacy policy. Please read them carefully.


Data Policy

1. Our team is highly committed to never share our user’s personal or any kind of information with any third party.

2. All the time, while collecting users’ information, such as name, email id, etc; we inform them about what purpose we want the information.

3. Sometimes we make small changes in our privacy policy guidelines. However, the changes never make any harm to our users. We always inform our users about the changes we make via emails.

4. We only keep users’ information until we need them to fulfill our blog’s purpose. Such as cookies, email id, name, etc.


You Need To Follow

1. Using vulgar and hate comments is strictly prohibited on our platform. If we found, any user doing this type of restricted activity then we will block his/her IP address without warning.

2. Doing spam comments is restricted. Such as using unrelated links in comments, sharing gambling and porn site links, etc.

3. We always respect our all user’s emotions. So, as a user, we want the same behavior from you. We want you to be polite and friendly with our other users.

4. Hacking and Cracking are cybercrimes. We are very professional about our blog and hence we are highly committed to protecting it from these illegal activities. If we found, someone trying to do these types of attempts, we will take strict legal action against them.

We hope you will follow these simple rules and help us to make a successful blog.

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