Who Was Rachel Walker Paul Revere?

Rachel Walker Paul Revere was the wife of Paul Revere, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America.

She was the second wife of Paul Revere. After his first wife, Sarah Orne’s death he married Rachel Walker.

For the very first time, Paul and Rachel met in Boston; the year 1773, shortly after Sarah’s death.

Rachel Walker Paul Revere
Source: Wikimedia

They saw each other in a street of Boston city, while Paul returning home from his shop.

After that, they got married in the same year in 1773; the wedding date was 10th October.

Their married life lasted till her death in 1813.

Rachel and Paul birth to a total of eight children, among whom 3 died in infancy.

Not only that but she also had to take care of his first wife’s six children (a total of eight; but two died).  

From this perspective, she had a great contribution to Paul’s successful life.


What Are The Names of Rachel Walker And Paul Revere Children?

  • Joshua Revere (1774)
  • John Revere (1776)
  • Joseph Warren Revere (1777)
  • Lucy Revere (1780)
  • Harriet Revere (1783)
  • John Revere (1783)
  • Maria Revere (1785)
  • John Revere (1787)


Early Life And Death

In the year 1745 on 27th December, Rachel Walker was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

Her father’s name was Richard Walker and her mother’s name was Rachel Carlisle Walker.

Living a successful marriage life of 40 years with Paul, she died at age sixty-eight in 1813.

Her death’s cause was the ‘Biliary Colic’ health issue.


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