Reject Modernity Embrace Tradition [BEST Ideas]


Reject Modernity Embrace Tradition

Reject modernity embrace tradition is quite a famous slogan (also a viral meme of 2018) that we often hear from people or societies who are radical or conservative.

Usually, most of the population in a society loves their tradition, and therefore, they often stay conscious of protecting it from external forces.

Reject Modernity Embrace Tradition meme

Also, for the same reason, they don’t even care to ignore the benefits of new cultural elements (Even after they are beneficial).

In the 21st century, traditionists’ biggest fear is the impact of modernity. They are afraid of losing their traditional elements.

In the 2nd and 3rd world countries, we see the fear starts taking an intense form. Even sometimes, the fear causes violence.

In this century, modern ideas are transforming traditional belief systems. No matter how much any society may try in this age, they can never run away from the influence of modernity. 

Reject Modernity Embrace Tradition

Is Modernity Bad?

No, modernity is not bad.

Modernity is born from ‘Modernism.’ Its Modernism’s practical form.

Modernism has always been made up of rational & progressive thinking.

However, it depends upon the person or society and how they use it.

For example – Modernism always supports people’s liberty. But misusing liberty, if a person starts killing other people, that would not be called liberty; that’s not modernity. The ‘Ism’ doesn’t support it. 

[Fact: Modern Ideas Rapidly Spread Around The World During & After The Enlightenment Age. Historical Events Like American Revolution, French Revolution Widely Spread Modern Ideas. In The 21st Century, Its Speed Is Getting Much Faster With Digitalization]

Reject Modernity Embrace Tradition meme

Is It Possible Completely Embrace Tradition & Reject Modernity?

If a society comes under the influence of Globalization, it is almost impossible to escape from modernity.

Globalization is the main reason for the rapid growth of modernity in the 21st century.

Even highly conservative countries like North Korea and Cuba are also getting influenced by modern ideas.


Is It Possible To Embrace Tradition & Modernity Together?

Yes, it is possible to embrace tradition & modernity together.

In fact, it is a very good idea for society. Most countries worldwide are doing this nowadays.

France, India, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom are the top countries globally, keeping their old traditions alive and using modern ideas.

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Why Some Societies & People Define Modernity Bad?

There are two potential reasons why some people & societies call modernity evil.

The first reason is maybe they don’t know the original definition of modernity. Perhaps these people think drug addiction, alcohol, murder, and robbery are part of modern ideas. 

But this idea is not accurate.

These all bad things are the results of modern ideas’ misuse. Modern thinking doesn’t support them.

The second potential reason is that they don’t directly hate modern ideas, but they love their traditions intensely and don’t want them to be wiped out by modernity. 

They know that modernity is much more powerful than their traditions, and they would not compete with the new ideas. So, as escaping propaganda, they call it bad.

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Embracement of Tradition & Rejection of Modernity In The United States Society

If we talk about the post-colonial era, the United States society is comparatively new to other countries.

Formed with immigrants around the world, American society is entirely made up of modern values.

In this case, these values are an inalienable part of the United States society.

Although many aboriginal groups (Native Americans) have been living here before even Europeans colonized the landmass.

These aboriginals have their own unique traditions, and often they try to protect them by rejecting modernity.


Memes On Reject Modernity Embrace Tradition

By late 2018, memes related to the phase Reject Modernity Embrace Tradition became quite popular on Social media handles, including Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram.

Many famous personalities and organizations (like Nickelodeon) also showed their interest in it.


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