Remembering The Battle of Bunker Hill, What Did General Howe And His Troops Do?


Remembering The Battle of Bunker Hill, What Did General Howe And His Troops Do?

Recently one of our regular readers, named Alex asked us a very interesting question; his question was remembering the Battle of Bunker Hill, what did General William Howe and his troops do?

Answer In Short: General William Howe And His Troops Left Boston City On March 17th, 1776 To Nova Scotia, British Canada. The Reason Was He Felt That The British Army Wouldn’t Be Able To Protect The City From American Rebels.

Well, we found the answer very amazing, which is at the same time quite shameful for the powerful and well-experienced British army, in front of the newly formed American militias.

Remembering The Battle of Bunker Hill, What Did General Howe And His Troops Do

So, the fact is something like this:

In the first phase, after achieving victory in the battle and occupying important positions at Bunker Hill, Breeds’ Hill, and Charlestown Peninsula; General William Howe, and his troops celebrated it.

But in the next phase, they decided to retreat; not only from Bunker Hill but also evacuated from the whole city of Boston to British Canada’s province Nova Scotia.


Here is why…

After three weeks of the battle broke out, on July 2nd, 1775 George Washington arrived in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Arrived there, he immediately took command of the newly formed continental militiamen.

Also, Washington started focusing on reinforcing American troops in higher numbers to take back the important positions.

In the 17th June 1775’s conflict, the British army already faced a huge amount of casualties.

Their casualties’ number was more than two times higher than the continental army.

On the other hand, till March month of 1776, the Continental Army became quite strong under George Washington’s leadership.

Therefore General Howe and his troops decided not to take any risk and retreat from Boston.

They felt that it would be harmful to them to be there for a long time.

Finally, in 1776 on 17th March, Howe and his troops retreated from the city. Their evacuation ended the siege of Boston also.

So, this is the simple answer to this question.

What Happened At The Battle of Bunker Hill

What Are The Primary Reasons That The British Troops Left Boston?

Of course, as we have mentioned above, the first reason was the number of casualties that the English troops faced during the Battle of Bunker Hill were much higher than the American side.

The amount was more than two times higher compared to the American militias.

For this reason, they didn’t want to take any risk unnecessarily. 

  • American Side Total Casualties: 450
  • British Side Total casualties: 1054 

Secondly, though they managed to capture the areas of Boston for some short time; but soon George Washington arrived there and immediately started reinforcing American soldiers.

Seeing this, General Howe and his troops feared an immediate American invasion.

The third and most important reason was the lack of military and other necessary support to the British troops from their authority.

During the Siege of Boston, though, through the Boston Harbor, the British managed to receive supplies of soldiers and other necessary equipment; but in long run, this was not enough.

Mostly this third reason made them oblige to leave the city areas as soon as possible.


What Were The 2 Main Outcomes of British Troops’ Retreat From Boston City? 

First of all, the retreat of General William Howe and his soldiers completely ended the Siege of Boston, also ended the British occupation from the city.

Secondly, this victory boosted up American militias morale for upcoming major armed conflicts against English Red Coats.


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