Rocky Mount Christmas :(BEST Information)


What Is Rocky Mount Christmas?

This is the time for the Christmas season; so, people in Rocky Mount, Virginia are ready to welcome their most adorable festival of the year.

Every year, many days before Christmas, people at Downtown Rocky Mount come to welcome the festival with a parade of live music, dances, crafts arts including Santa Claus, and many amazing foods.

Rocky Mount Christmas

The day often falls on the first week of December.

Thousands of people come to participate in the Rocky Mount Christmas parade. Usually, the program starts afternoon and continues for almost two hours.

Some similar programs are also organized in other parts of the United States; especially, we can see similar activities in North Carolina.


What Is The Exact Location of The Rocky Mount Christmas?

If you want to visit and enjoy the program at Rocky Mount, you need to know its exact location.

So, here it is:

  • Location: Franklin Street, Rocky Mount
  • County: Franklin
  • Program cost: Free
  • State: Virginia, United States
  • Program duration: 2 hours

What Are The Things You Can Expect To See In The Rocky Mount Christmas?

  • Craft art about Jesus Christ
  • Parade with band and music
  • Bike rally
  • Truck rally
  • Kids show their talents; such as gymnastics, martial arts, and dancing.
  • Celebrities, etc.


5 Facts That You May Not Know About Christmas

1. Do you know? The actual term of the festival was not Christmas, but it was originally called Christ’s Mass. Christ’s Mass meant the birthday of Jesus Christ.

2. On Christmas days, the average spending of an American family is 700 USD.

3. December 25th is not the only date for the Christmas celebration. Some other Christian communities, such as Orthodox Christians celebrate it on January 7th.

4. Do you know? In the Soviet Union, people were encouraged to hate Christmas. In 1922, the USSR became an atheist country; therefore, later, its authority encouraged its people to avoid all the things associated with religion.

5. In 1870, Christmas was formally declared a national holiday in the United States of America.


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