How US Became A Superpower After WW1? (Awesome Story)


How Did The US Become A Superpower After WW1?

Short & Quick Answer:

1. Phase One: Before World War 1, Europe was the manufacturing hub of the world economy. Here, countries like Great Britain, France, Germany, and Italy were the main suppliers of goods and services around the world.

2. Phase Two: From 1914 to 1918, World War 1 spread to the entire continent. In simple words, the continent became the center of the Great global war.

3. Phase Three: The Great War converted the entire continent into Carcass. It destroyed almost all European nations. Previous superpowers such as Great Britain and France were now about to be bankrupt.

4. Phase Four: For this reason, all the manufacturing factories that used to be there started being closed.

5. Phase Five: The United States of America was located far away from the main warzone. They took this great opportunity. 

The production factories that began closing in Europe were newly started opening in the USA.

They geared up their production and started supplying at massive levels to entire Europe and other countries of various continents.

Along with that, the United States also provided massive loans to European countries at high-interest rates.

Interestingly, these countries used the same borrowed money to buy weapons and other goods from the United States.

6. Phase Six: During and after the years of World War I, it massively boosted the US economy and lead them to the number one position in the world.

7. Phase Seven: With a powerful economy, the nation built itself powerfully in the military, politics, diplomacy, science, and various other sectors. 

Over time, these causes made the United States a global superpower. Especially after World War II, the US dominance became crystal clear.

Read the full description below.

how did the US become a superpower after WW1

Description – Part 1

Throughout this description, you will learn how did the US become a global superpower after WW1?

So, the story begins in the 20th-century beginning, when the US was a developing nation.

Even though it got independence in 1776, but in the case of economic development, the US was still not doing as well as European countries; such as Great Britain, France, Germany, etc.

But in the 20th century’s beginning years a phenomenon happened on the world stage.

The phenomenon came like a curse to the whole world, but for the US, it came like a blessing from god.

Yes, it was World War 1, which was fought between the Axis and Allied nations.

The war wended for five years, from 1914 to 1918, made the highest destruction in the history of humanity and Europe, till the beginning of World War 2.

How Did The US Become A Superpower After World War 1? – Part 2

The leading nations of the European continent Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Austria-Hungary, and Russia started being bankrupt.

Before WW1, most countries all over the world imported goods from these European powers. Because at that time, Europe was the hub of all production factories.

But the Great War destroyed everything, along with factories and so on export-import completely stopped from Europe too.

How Did The US Become A Superpower After WW1
Credit: Movie 1917 (Screenshot)

The United States Became The Most Powerful Country – Part 3

The US entered WW1 in 1917; however, due to its continental distance, the war didn’t harm the country a lot. And this became a big opportunity for them.

The businesses and factories that started being closed in Europe due to the war, are now newly started opening in the United States of America.

USA’s production geared up in huge quantity and they started exporting goods and services to entire Europe and other countries of the world.

Onsight, the USA’s economy spread so fast that it became the most powerful economy in the world in a short period of time.

On the other hand, previous superpowers like Great Britain, Germany, and France became bankrupt, because of which the USA provided heavy loans to them at heavy interest rates.

This also helped the country to make a lot of money after the war.

This sounds a little crazy but do you know what, due to these causes, the USA’s economy continued booming for 44 consecutive months.

[Did You Know? During World War I, European Powers Purchased Weapons From The US With The Borrowed Money The US Provided Them As Loans]


Part – 4

Over time, their economic strength became the prime key factor, which made the US Dollar the international currency (After WW2), the US army the world’s strongest army, and led them to the top position in most other fields.

I hope, now you understand, how the US became a global superpower after WW1.

If we express it in one sentence, then we can say, these all happened because of a great economic opportunity created by the Great War. 



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