[7 Shocking Reasons]: Was Columbus A Bad Person?


Was Columbus A Bad Person?

Short & Quick Answer:

1. Fact One: He captured a lot of innocent native people in the new continents to sell them in Europe’s slave market.

2. Fact Two: Thousands of natives committed collective suicide to get rid of Columbus’s abominable persecutions.

3. Fact Three: He enslaved women and little girls of 8 to 10 years for sexual slavery.

4. Fact Four: Once Columbus cut off a native person’s nose and ear for just stealing some corn and sugar. Later, he departed the man to Europe for slavery.

5. Fact Five: He ordered enslaved natives to collect gold, silver, and pearls for him; otherwise, he threatened to kill them.

6. Fact Six: Journey through the Atlantic, he ordered his crewmen to throw some native people (captured for slavery) into the ocean. It is said that the weight of the ship had increased. 

7. Fact Seven: Once Columbus gifted a native woman to one of his close friends for rape.

Read the following paragraphs to learn more about his persecutions.

Was Columbus A Bad Person, christopher columbus character
Was Columbus A Bad Person?

The answer is Yes.

The way Columbus made the great discovery of the new continents (Americas) by mistake, the way he was a daring and clever guy, he was also a very bad person at the same time.

Please don’t get me wrong.

This is not my saying without any reason but historical evidence proves this fact clearly.

I want you to read these five points below, you will automatically understand why Christopher Columbus was a bad person.

5 Facts, Which Clearly Prove Columbus Was A Bad Person

1. He Captured Native Women And Little Girls For Sexual Slavery

Once, Columbus gifted a beautiful native Caribbean woman to one of his close friends Michele de Cuneo to rape.

When the woman started insisting on his sexual attack, he hardly attacked her with a rope.

Michele de Cuneo admitted this incident in one of his writings.

Even, on the journey back to Spain, Columbus carried more than 1000 women for sexual slavery.

Most of them were 8 to 10 years old little girls.

Just imagine, if a person didn’t even have sympathy for little kids, how could he be a good person?

No matter, what he discovered, we must agree that Columbus was a bad person.


2. Natives Had To Commit Suicide Because of Columbus’s Tyranny

He started a new process of tyranny by capturing (kidnapping) the natives, making them slaves, and exporting them to Europe’s slave market.

Will you believe in me if I say, the people who he captured for slavery first warmly welcomed him?

Yes, it is shocking but quite true.

At first, they thought him a good person; however, soon their trust dissolved.

Due to the lack of its natives’ good war tactics and use of primitive weapons, Columbus and his crew members easily defeated and ruled them as they wished.

An estimate shows that from the year 1494 to 1496 more than a hundred thousand people died due to the tortures and executions done under Columbus’s leadership.

Around 50,000 of those one hundred thousand native people preferred committing collective suicide rather than being slaves of the Italian-Spanish persecutor.

Was Columbus A Bad Person
Was Christopher Columbus A Bad Person?

3. He Showed Brutality While Punishing A Native Man For Stealing

As per some historical sources, once Columbus brutally punished a native man for the guilt of stealing some corn.

He ordered his men to cut the person’s ears and nose. After that, he exported the man to Europe for slavery.

Isn’t it terrible?


4. He Gave The Option To The Natives – Do or Die

Columbus ordered each and every native (Enslaved by him), who was above fourteen years old to collect gold and pearls for him.

To induce the feeling of slavery in their minds, he put Copper and Brass tokens on their necks.

If someone disagreed with him or found any of them without the token, he punished them very hard.

Killing and limb amputation became normal punishment.


5. Columbus Ordered His Men To Throw Some Natives On The Atlantic Ocean

While arriving back in Spain from the new world, he imprisoned and took many thousands of natives on his ship.

But on the way, around 200 prisoners died.

This is still in controversy, whether those people died or Columbus ordered his crewmen to throw them into the Atlantic Ocean.



It is true that Columbus was a great explorer and navigator, but at the same time, we also can’t deny that he was a pirate and a bloodthirsty ruthless murderer, who is responsible for the deaths of many innocent people.

In America, we see people don’t talk much about it. But we believe, it should be. People should know bad things about him too.

What is your opinion?


  1. He represented the people he worked for in good standing and common practice as he was never punished for the thing and the gifts were accepted. He was working.

  2. You can’t just say that these are historical facts. Before you slander someone who can’t defend themself you need to be more specific with your documentation. Who can validate your comments? How can we trust their testimony. By just saying historical documentation is just too general

  3. People seem to forget that slavery was very common all around the world LONG BEFORE Columbus’ time. The ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian and eastern civilizations all considered slavery to be normal !!

  4. Columbus was a bad person by selling girls into SLAVERY, and millions of Native Americans aren’t here today because of HIM. He did not discover the Americas, the Vikings landed on Newfoundland 500 YEARS BEFORE COLUMBUS!!!!!!!!!! He was NOT the first person to know the Earth was round, ARISTOLE DID! There were already people living there for MILENIA! And, Columbus brought diseases like smallpox to the Americas. He took Native Americans with him. He SHOULD NOT BE HONORED!

  5. Wow. I kept looking for sources to these so-called ‘facts’, please post them if you have them. Otherwise, unless you time-traveled there, you have no idea what ‘actually’ happened. There is ALWAYS at least 2 sides to EVERY story.

  6. While not condoning actions of Columbus, some “facts” seem fabricated. The 3 ships together had a total crew between 85-140. The article claims 1000 women were brought back on the return trip. 10 times a normal crew. Meaning up to 10 times provisions also needed.
    This is highly unbelievable.


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