Was The Boston Tea Party A Riot?


Was The Boston Tea Party A Riot?

Yesterday one of our regular readers named John Blake asked us an interesting question – ‘Was the Boston tea party just a riot or the beginning of the American Revolutionary War’?

Well, in our opinion, impartially, we can’t answer directly to it as a riot or something else.

Because there are two sides involved with this question and both sides seemed it differently.

One is the British side another is the American side, who were the patriots also.

So, let’s try to discuss both sides’ points of view.

Answer In Short:

For the English authority, the tea party was definitely a riot because the event was completely against their interests.

But at the same time, for the colonists, it was the beginning of the American Revolution.

So for them, it was not a riot.

Now it is upon you, what do you want to consider it?

As an American, I feel proud about that.

Was The Boston Tea Party A Riot

So, first of all, let’s get into the British side.

In 1773, the British Parliament passed an act called the ‘Tea Act of 1773’.

Through this act, the British parliament intended directly to help its East India Company to monopolize the North American colonies’ whole tea market.

Under this law, the British Parliament sought to establish an arrangement (through reducing taxes) whereby the colonists would have to buy tea only from the East India Company and not from anyone else.

Because this Act was legally passed in the British Parliament. Therefore, according to the British authority, it was everyone’s duty to follow the law.

If any person or organization takes action against it or refuses it, it would be considered a crime.

As a protest or anger against this decision, some American patriots executed the Boston Tea Party incident on December 16th, 1773.

The incident made a massive revenue loss to the British East India Company.

And of course, after that, the British authority considered the incident as a crime.

For them, it was not a big deal to call it a riot.

But, at the same time, the patriots, who executed that incident, considered it a big win against the British government’s unjust decision.

From their side, the Boston tea party was not a riot but the beginning of America’s independence struggle.

So, now you decide yourself was the Boston Tea Party a riot or something else.

boston tea party , tea act 1773

Was The Boston Tea Party A Peaceful Protest?

No men lost their lives nobody was physically attacked by the patriots’ group.

The patriots just boarded the ship and threw the tea boxes into the ocean.

That’s it.

From this perspective, it was definitely a peaceful protest though patriots made huge economic losses to the East India Company.

Although, different people see it differently.

So, I don’t think that it has a universal answer. 


What Was The Main Goal of The Boston Tea Party?

The main purpose of the Boston Tea Party was to show that the British Parliament doesn’t have the authority to enact any tax laws for the American colonies unless they provide colonists’ own representatives in London’s parliament.


How Did The British Government Respond To The Incident?

In response to the Boston Tea Party, the parliament of Great Britain imposed 5 Intolerable Acts on the 13 colonies.

These 5 were the last acts by the British Parliament, after which the whole event changed its route towards the Revolutionary War of independence.


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