Was The Boston Tea Party Violent?

No, the Boston tea party was not a violent incident; at least not from my side, as an American.

Because, nobody lost life during that incident, nor the patriots had any intention to kill someone.

They just went to the Boston Harbor and dumped 342 chests of tea into the Atlantic Ocean.

Was The Boston Tea Party Violent

American patriots’ action was all about showing their disagreement towards the Tea Act of 1773.

However, it led the British East India Company into heavy economic losses; but I think defining it violently is unfair.

Although from the British side, this was a violent act, after all, it made them economic losses.

But for Americans, the Boston tea party was the beginning of their revolutionary war.

And hence today, we still remember it as our glorious history.

Was The Boston Tea Party Violent
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Was There Any Reason That It Didn’t Become Violent?

Yes, of course, there was a major reason why it didn’t take a violent form.

Actually, when the incident was about to take place, there were no British soldiers present at the Boston Harbour.

Either way, the city of Boston was not under martial law since the 1770’s massacre incident. 

Taking the advantage of this absence of British soldiers, patriots easily succeeded in fulfilling the incident.

Probably, if there had been British soldiers there, this incident could have proceeded towards violence.

Who knows, chances were people could even be lost lives.

But luckily, nothing happened like this.



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