Was Turkey Served At The First Thanksgiving?


Was Turkey Served At The First Thanksgiving?

Although still we have no proper evidence of whether the turkey was served on the first Thanksgiving or not but often it is said that on the first Thanksgiving, the bird’s meat was not served.

Even it is still controversial when and how did people start serving turkey at Thanksgiving dinner.

Below, I will share with you one perspective related to the history of turkey and Thanksgiving dinner.

[Did You Know? Thanksgiving Is A Harvest Festival, Especially Celebrated In Europe And America. Countries Like The United States, Germany, Canada, The United Kingdom, and Austria Warmly Celebrate It On Each Year]

Was Turkey Served At The First Thanksgiving, thanksgiving wish, image

The One Perspective – Was Turkey Served At The First Thanksgiving?

In the early 17th century, in Europe, during harvest festivals, people preferred to have goose, duck, deer, chicken, wild flows, cod, and various other animals and birds’ meat on their dinner table.

Especially goose was their favorite meat item.

But when many Europeans moved to the new world (Americas), it became a little difficult for them to find geese easily. Although, they noticed the abundance of wild turkeys.

Was Turkey Served At The First Thanksgiving

Later, during Thanksgiving days, they started haunting wild turkeys for their dinner. With the flow of time, turkey became the main decoration in Thanksgiving dinner.

Especially, in the United States, the turkey is the symbol of Thanksgiving.

[Did You Know? In America, The First Thanksgiving Was Celebrated In 1621 By The Colonists of Plymouth, Massachusetts, And The Indians of Wampanoag]


Did You Know?

1. Lincoln was the first American President to declare Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863.

That year, somebody gifted Lincoln a turkey for dinner on that special day.

However, because of his youngest son Tad’s request, Lincoln let the bird stay alive.

However, it is said that Lincoln later planned the bird for Christmas dinner.

2. The United States third President Thomas Jefferson refused to issue a proclamation to declare Thanksgiving a national holiday.

He believed, that the festival is associated with a particular religious belief and that is why declaring it a national holiday by the federal government would be against the newly formed American democracy.


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