What Are The 5 BEST Fun Facts About Christmas?


What Are The 5 Fun Facts About Christmas?

Christmas has many amazing facts that could even shock you. But here, we are not going to cover a lot; instead, we will cover only the top five among them.

I bet, these five facts will completely blow your mind.

So, what are they?

Let’s check them all, one by one.

5 Fun Facts About Christmas
5 Fun Facts About Christmas

5 BEST Fun Facts About Christmas

1. In Poland, People Use Spiders & Their Webs To Decorate Christmas Trees

Do you know? People in Poland believe that a spider wove the first blanket of baby Jesus after his birth.

Therefore, still in Poland, people decorate Christmas trees with spiders and their webs.

They show special honor to spiders on this day and consider the insect as a symbol of success and happiness.


2. Maybe Jesus Christ Was Not Born On The 25th of December

Today, all over the world, people celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December as the date of Jesus Christ’s birth.

But still, it is not clear, whether Jesus Christ was born on 25th December or not.

It is assumed that the world’s first Christmas was celebrated in 336 AD in ancient Rome.

3. Eating KFC Chicken On Christmas Is Like A Tradition In Japan

Do you know? Eating KFC chicken in Japan on Christmas is like a tradition.

Even, the demand is so high on this day that most Japanese people place orders almost two months earlier.

It is said that the demand for fried chicken in Japan on the festival day is the result of the 70’s successful ad campaigns by the American company.


4. The Song “Jingle Bells” Has No Original Connection With Christmas

Although, people all over the world, especially in the United States, sing the “Jingle Bells” song on Christmas.

But do you know what? The song has no original connection with the festival.

Actually, James Lord Pierpont, an American songwriter created it for Thanksgiving day, but not for Christmas.

Most interestingly, it is the first song astronauts sang in space.


5. In 1914, During World War I, German And English Soldiers Celebrated Christmas Together

In 1914, during World War I, many German and English soldiers fighting against each other celebrated the festival together.

It is said that they came out of the trenches and wished each other merry Christmas. Also, they sang carols to each other across the lines.

However, later, German and English authorities punished their military leaders for their doing.

The incident is still famous as the Christmas Truce of 1914.


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